Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Find Contests for Canadians!

What a great feeling to get an e-mail, phonecall or letter declaring you the winner of a new iPad2 or of $1000!  Sound far-fetched?  I won both an iPad2 and $1000 cash in 2011 from contests!  You don't have to be lucky to win contests, just know where to find them!  The one biggest challenge is to first find contests that are open to Canadians.

1.  Start with Canadian websites dedicated to aggregating contests open to Canada.  Saveland is a great place to start, as their community posts contests open to Canadians.  They also have their own contests running all the time for blu-rays/dvds, vacations and more.  Cool Canucks is also another such site. 

2.  Facebook and Twitter also have contests running regularly on Canadian fan pages.  Contests currently running (as of press time) include: Oral B Canada and Tim Hortons (Facebook).  Alliance Films regularly has contests for free movie screenings and tickets (Twitter).  These are just a few examples of Facebook and Twitter contests.  Think of any large Canadian company, check their Facebook or Twitter page, and after a few tries you are bound to find a contest.

3.  Check instore displays for contests, look at cereal boxes, printed company flyers, online newsletters to which you subscribe, newspapers, magazines, company websites of brands that you enjoy and on your favourite blogs.  Contests are everywhere!  Here are a just few companies that regularly feature contests for Canadians, to get you started:,, and Breakfast Television.

Good luck, wishing you many great wins!


  1. These are great tips. I knew about fb and blog contests, but never would have looked on canadian websites!!


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