Sunday, February 05, 2012

Finding Facebook Contests

Entering Facebook contests is a great way to win BIG! Depending on the contest, the odds are winning can be higher than usual. Why, you may ask? The reason is easy: Facebook contests are difficult to find, and therefore receive less entries than usual. I won an iPad2 last year in the very first Facebook contest I had ever entered!

But why are Facebook contests so elusive? Believe it or not, Facebook contests are not searchable on the web--or even on Facebook! So how to find these secretive beasts?

Doing a web search of Facebook contests will call up sweepstakes either listed on contest sites, or on the website of the company running the contest--ONLY if they have posted details there.
Then how to get overcome this obstacle?

Here is a Facebook Promotions app that helps you find SOME of the contests listed on Facebook:  You find it by typing "Promotions" in the Facebook search box.  See pic below of what it looks like.

You are able to search contests by the most popular, most recent, top prizes or ending soon.  If you are looking to win a specific prize, such as a car, vacation or tv, you can try searching that too in the app's own search box.

I like this app very much, but I find that it is not easy to identify contests being offered to Canadians (or other non-Americans).  If you get creative with the search, you may find some, but definitely not all.  If you are a US resident, you will go NUTS with this app.
 Happy Contesting, everyone!
The Promotions app on Facebook - a good place to find Facebook contests!


  1. Thank your for the post, you are so good in contesting. I have never won anything big.

  2. ooh def adding this to my bookmarks! Thanks!


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