Thursday, February 16, 2012

An Interview with great Canadian deals...and FREE gift cards!

I interviewed Sandy from, a hotspot of Canadian deals. Read on to learn how you can receive a FREE Tim Horton's gift card from Zwap--just for joining the community!

SnyMed:  Sandy, how would you describe

Zwap: Zwap is a Canadian website that features forums focusing on Deals, Contests, Coupons & Freebies. You can find everything on Zwap from the latest sales at your favourite retail stores, to dozens of weekly grocery & retail flyers, to endless coupons for food, personal needs, household goods, to offers for free products and services, as well as hundreds of fantastic contests. Zwap is literally a one-stop shop!

SnyMed: Tell me more, Sandy!
Zwap:  I have a wonderful community of members (affectionately called Zwappers!) who contribute fantastic content to Zwap on a 24/7 basis. I have gone from a membership of one (me!) to a membership of over 2300 in just over a year. Zwap is a very family-friendly website. Besides the aforementioned benefits of being a member of Zwap, I also offer Zwap Rewards where members can earn retail gift cards for posting content on Zwap. I even provide a $2.50 Tim Horton's gift card just for becoming a member on Zwap.

SnyMed:  When was Zwap first founded?

Zwap:Zwap was founded on November 14, 2010.

SnyMed:  How does someone join Zwap?  Are there any fees?

Zwap:It is very easy to join Zwap. My website address is . In the top right hand corner of the page you will see a place to sign up. It only takes a couple of minutes to join. Once you have joined you will receive a confirmation email asking you to confirm your membership. That's it! There are no fees to join Zwap. Upon becoming a member on Zwap, you need to message me "Handler" (my nickname) with your name and address so that I can send you out your Tim Horton's gift card for joining Zwap.

SnyMed:  Zwap has a pretty great reward system!  Please describe it a little bit.

Zwap:  As mentioned earlier, I pay Zwap Rewards for posting content on Zwap. The first reward you will receive will be the $2.50 Tim Horton's gift card for becoming a member. The next reward card you can earn is a $5 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card for posting 10 messages. I have other reward levels featuring different gift cards. Once you reach 200 posts you can then earn a $10 gift card of your choice for every 200 posts you make. So, by becoming a member of Zwap, not only can you benefit from all the great things that get posted on Zwap by fellow members, you have the chance to earn yourself free gift cards.  (Link to Zwap rewards: .)

SnyMed:  Providing gift cards for member participation must be costly!  How do you do it?
Zwap:  In 14 1/2 months, approximately $10,000 has been spent on Zwap (just in gift cards alone). Zwap does not have any sponsors. Zwap has very recently started earning a tiny amount of income (mere dollars a month) from Google Ads.

SnyMed:  What are your biggest challenges with Zwap?

Zwap:  My biggest challenges with Zwap have been keeping up with the distribution of the rewards cards to members, as well as making sure I respond to members' comments, concerns and questions in a timely manner. I strive to keep on top of both but sometimes, due to the workload on Zwap or due to issues in my personal life, things can fall behind.

SnyMed:  What do you consider your biggest successes with Zwap?

Zwap:  One of my biggest successes with Zwap would be that I've managed to grow the membership from just myself up to over 2300 members in just over a year. Another one of my successes with Zwap comes down to the relationships I have with my members. A third success is that I strive to post some of my own content on Zwap on a daily basis. I spend some time each day looking for content that I hope my members will enjoy and benefit from. I couldn't speak of my successes with Zwap without giving kudos to my wonderful members.

SnyMed:  How do you see Zwap in one-year’s time? In 5 years?

Zwap:  I have high hopes for Zwap. I think Zwap already has a solid foundation of great members and will only continue to grow into a bigger and better website, with more and more good things to offer members. Right now, Zwap is a small fish in a big pond. But, I don't focus on the competition. I strive to make Zwap stand out from the rest and invite everyone to join me on my journey. There are many exciting changes planned for Zwap in stay tuned!

You can join Zwap here: Zwap


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