Thursday, February 02, 2012

My 10-Year Anniversary: Reflections

What does 10 years of marriage mean?  To me, it is a reflection of 10 years gone by, and foresight of the next 10 years .   

My husband and I first met at work 15 years ago, when we had both just started new jobs.  I remember his smile, his friendliness.  He was such a young, fresh face, glad for his chance at a new career.  I felt the same way: my first real job! 

He came over to my desk on lunch hour to introduce himself, which was a big gesture for him.  He brought me over a submarine sandwich for lunch--without even asking--which I thought was generous.  We began to take short walks together outside during our breaks and started a friendship. 

He looked so young, that I thought I a relationship would not be possible.  I was wrong: he was only one year my junior.
That was just the start of our relationship.  Little did I know at the time, that I would take a romantic trip with this young man, buy a house with him, get engaged, then married, and have 5 wonderful children together.

After 10 years of marriage to my husband, he is just as friendly, smiling and generous as the day I first met him.  What will the next 10 years hold if the first years are any indication?  Foresight tells me more friendship, smiles and generosity!  Happy Anniversary.         


  1. And Happy Anniversary to you too!!! love, your husband. Who is not as young looking, but still smiling :)

  2. Fairy tales do come true! Looking forward to my 10 years this October!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you! Hubby and I will be celebrating ours this September!

  4. Wow, congratulations to you too, saskmom! 2002 was a popular year!

  5. happy anniversary! And many more happy years together.

  6. Oh how I enjoyed this read....I just love it when people are so happy


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