Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Crazy Weather! From Parkas to Bikinis!

The winter in the GTA has been so mild--it is the warmest I have ever experienced in my LIFE.  We had no blizzard, major snow accumulation or low weather drop.  Not once did I feel the need to jump ship and head south to warm myself!

Take a look at some of our pics from March 2012.  We had one 5-minute snowsquall on March 9th, which was the most snow we received all season.  And then the weather was clear again and the snow all melted in 30 minutes!  What an easy winter! 

And now, on March 21st and 22nd we have had such mild days (+25°C ) that are in the backyard in swimsuits!  Love the crazy Canadian weather! 

Strolling down the path during snow squall (March 9 2012)

Leaving a trail in the snow
Snowed covered baby, husband and kiddies
Canada Geese on the clear water, after snow squall blew over
Just take a look at us only 13 days later on March 22nd!  No snowsuits, parkas, mucklucks, etc.  Yes, this is the same Canada as pictured in the other photos.  There may be mud on the ground, no leaves on the trees...but the swimming pool is out and all are having fun!  Our summer in March :)

Testing the waters (March 22 2012)
Sliding into the pool

Taking the plunge!


  1. I don't know how I missed this post!! Love the pictures!! And I know what you mean about the crazy Canadian weather! So unpredictable..there was a bit of light hail today :S

    1. Hi Brandi! Yesterday they called for light snow and nothing materialized (March 30). And yet days earlier my kids are wearing UV suits because of the intense sunshine!

  2. Kinda seems like this year we've had. It got really nice and than a few days later it snowed!

  3. I love the photos,we have crazy weather for sure....looking out my window,you would think we were waiting on Easter Bunny


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