Monday, April 16, 2012

CheeCha Puffs Product Review & CONTEST (~OVER~)!

When the big box from CheeCha Puffs arrived, the fun began!  What would be inside the box, we wondered?

The answer: CheeCha Puffs!  Lots and lots of CheeCha Puffs! 

In fact, a rainbow of flavours from our generous CheeCha friends!

This is what Crispy Dill Pickle looks like when it lets down its hair!  Little wheels with X's inside and long crisp noodles.  Definitely a flavour that we would recommend.  Cholesterol-free, nut & tree nut free, transfat free & monosodium glutamate free!  And we were SHOCKED to learn that the entire 20g snack bag is only 90 calories! 

Everything went hog wild when the Triple Cheese Cheecha bag was unleashed. There was crying & pushing to get a handful.

Really intense flavour on a light and crisp air-puffed potato and wheat snack. A much healthier nibble than chips--and just as satisfying.   Nut and tree nut free.

And meet gluten-free Mr. Lime, aka Cheecha Puffs Luscious Lime! Cholesterol-free, dairy-free, 0 trans fat. The lime snack tasted fresh with a nice lime zing--and a touch of sour.  We also sampled the gluten-free Original flavour.  Nice for those who like an undressed chip for dipping.  And only 74 calories for the 20g Original size!  The Sea Salt & Vinegar is also one of our gluten-free fLavourites!

Say hello to the ruggedly handsome CheeCha Puffs Hickory & Bacon.  We could really taste the hickory with smoky bacon undertones.  Try these if you are a cowboy on a dude ranch seeking serious flavour.  Take out your harmonica and Hickory & Bacon CheeChas around the campfire...and you've found paradise, as a lone coyote howls.  Nut and tree nut free.

Last but not least is the sweetheart, Miss Sweet Cinnamon CheeCha Puffs!  She's the doll that loves cinnamon & sugar toast, sugar topped donuts or danishes.  Sweet Cinnamon really is a dessert flavour, and this variety was a big hit among our household.  Nut and tree nut free and made in a Peanut-Free Facility.  Simply: sweet!  The Tomato Ketchup CheeCha Puffs variety is also nut and tree nut free.  It also contains no trees :)

The verdict: our family definitely enjoyed the CheeCha Puff line and would buy them again in substitute of chips.  They had intense flavour, a satisfying snack crunch--but are a much healthier choice.
CONTEST:  Win 1 of 2 CheeCha Puffs prize packs, as shown below!

WINNERS: 1.Shannon (from blog entry) 2. Rhonda (from Twitter entry)

Two CheeCha Puffs prize packages to be won, each consisting of ALL of the following: 3 large bags of CheeCha Puffs snacks, 1 CheeCha Puffs water hydration bottles, 1 FREE Product coupon (FPC) for another bag of CheeCha Puffs (big bag!), 1 CheeCha Puffs ink pen with highlighter tip, a CheeCha Puffs snack bag sealer AND a great CheeCha Puffs collared shirt! 
Contest is open to Canada only.  Contest closes on Monday April 23rd, 2012.  The two winners will be announced shortly thereafter.  Winners will be contacted via SnyMed, but prizes will be shipped via CheeCha Puffs. 
Make sure we have a way to contact you!  Countless times we try to contact winners, but no e-mail address or Twitter @ name has been left.  If you respond via a Google+ account, check twice that it is linked to e-mail.
Two CheeCha Puffs Prize Packs to be Won (all this loot)!
How to Enter:

1.Comment below (or tweet @SnyMed via Twitter) which CheeCha Puff flavour you would like to try.  That is all you need to do to be entered, but bonus entries are available below!
For extra entries, do any of the following...and commment below OR tweet @SnyMed on Twitter to let us know (1 extra entry each): 

a)Follow @SnyMed on Twitter OR Follow this blog on Google + OR Follow this  blog on Google Friend Connect OR via Pinterest

b)Follow @CheeChaPuff on Twitter OR Follow CheeCha Puff on Facebook:!/CheeChaPuff

c)Tweet "I entered to win a @CheeCha Puff prize pack via @SnyMed. You can too! "  <--Don't forget link back to contest! 

d)Post status on Facebook "I entered to win a CheeCha Puff prize pack on the SnyMed blog.  You can too! "  <--Please tag CheeCha Puffs in your comment if possible.

Good luck!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Klout Perks: Getting Great FREE Stuff on Klout!

Perhaps you already have a Klout account--or maybe you have only heard about Klout.   In essence, Klout looks at your online social influence and gives you a score out of 100.  Social networks include Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others.  A score of 100 would be an influencial celebrity like Justin Bieber, and a 0 would be someone who does not use Facebook or Twitter.

But did you know that Klout rewards you for your social influence?  Specifically Klout gives you great FREEBIES called Klout Perks!  Some recent Perks for Canadians have been: FREE large bottles of Clean & Clear body wash, an entire set of Neutrogena Natural body products (with FREE water bottle included), a FREE Schick Hydro Shaver, a FREE full-sized Dove body wash...and much more!

I'll be straight with you: I don't care about the Klout score itself and what it says about me or my peers, but I do care about the FREEBIES.  I do care that in November 2011 Klout gave away FREE HP Laptops to certain eligible Klout members. (No, I did not get the laptop perk.)  And just as the word FREE implies, there is no cost to be a Klout member, no cost to receive a FREEBIE, and no shipping/delivery costs to pay.

Setting Up Your Klout Account Strategically:  Firstly, you must create an account at  Yes, it is open to CANADIANS too (always important).  It is also open to the US and UK for perks.  Next, link your most socially active accounts to Klout.  So, if you are socially active on both Facebook and Twitter, do link both.  However, if you are active on only one and the other is inactive, link only the active one.   Otherwise, your Klout score will be dragged down by the inactive account. 

Your Klout Score: What Score Earns Perks?  After your Klout account has been set up, you will be given a Klout score from 0-100.  A score of 40 and above is perfect in order to receive Perks, although some Perks are available to any Klout account holders (even ones with marginal scores).  It seems like very good perks start at around the 50 Klout level, with phenomenal perks at the 55 Klout mark and higher.  However, there have been Perks given out at every Klout level, so don't despair if your score is low.

Finding Perks, Catching Perks!  Go to to see the latest Perk offerings.  Make sure that the Perk is open to Canada and your Perk score.  Sometimes it is as simple as that to pluck a perk.  Other times, Klout asks for you to have a certain Klout score AND a certain "topic" (for example: beauty).  A "topic" is supposed to be your expertise in a certain area or areas.  In addition, Klout may specify a certain "strength" in a topic (such as medium, high or strong).

How to Add "Topics" to Klout for Perks?  Topics can be added by: yourself (costs you +5K), another Klout member (costs them +5K) or Klout may add a topic by itself if it notices you discussing a topic regularly (ie: fitness, music, technology).

Increasing Strength in Topics to Earn Klout Perks!  Once you have the necessary Klout topic to earn a Perk, you simply must build the topic strength to match Klout's Perk requirements.  Klout may do this automatically, or you may ask your Klout peers to vouch for you that you are knowledgeable in this area.  Your Klout peer would then give you one +K in the necessary area.  In this manner, you will watch your topic strength grow.

Giving +K to Peers so They Can Earn Perks Too!  Yes, you can also give +K to your Klout peers so they can earn Perks too!  You start off with +10K and earn +5K daily (when you login to Klout).  +K is disposable like money, which can be spent on yourself (adding a topic for +5K) or spent on your peers (giving them +1K in a topic(s) and vouching for their expertise).  You can never have more than +10K at one time.  If your peer vouches for you in a topic, you receive an extra +1K too.

In sum, I think that the Klout Perks programme is a fabulous way to earn great FREE stuff!  I ask you: if you are already online actively engaging your social networks, why not get PERKED for it!

If you like this article, why not +K me? 

Coming  Up: Raising Your Score on the New Klout!

Friday, April 06, 2012

WIN Double Passes to Advance Movie Screening of Lockout! Toronto Vancouver Victoria Edmonton (~OVER~)

~OVER~  All winners announced in comments.

Win double advance screening movie tickets to see Lockout!  If you like science fiction or action films, this is the movie for you.  Toronto (4 pairs), Victoria (3 pairs), Edmonton (2 pairs), Vancouver (1 pair).  All screenings are on Wed April 11th, except for Vancouver (Thurs Apr 12). 

How to WIN:
1)FOLLOW this blog (top right) OR 2)Follow @SnyMed on Twitter (middle right) OR 3)Add SnyMed to your circles (middle left).

2)COMMENT below HOW you follow (ie: on Google +, Twitter, etc) AND provide a way to contact you if you win (ie: @Twitter name, e-mail address or make sure Google + is hooked into e-mail). So many winners do not leave a way to contact them or do not check to see if they have won, and we are forced to choose a different winner.

3)CITY - State which city you would like to win passes for.
Winners will be contacted 1-2 days prior to the movie screening date, so check to see if you have won. Good luck!
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