Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting Pregnant on a Budget!

Perhaps the title of this article “Getting Pregnant on a Budget!” has got you smirking a bit. After all, the materials needed to get pregnant were free the last time I checked.

But as mom to five little kids (and five different pregnancies), I know first hand how expensive it can be! Pregnancy tests can cost their weight in gold, prenatal vitamins - a small fortune and how-to books – a king’s ransom! After paying full price *gasp* with my first pregnancy, I vowed never to pay full price ever again. And I was true to my word.

So, if you are the number crunching type that uses the little calculator built-in to your phone, you should read on.

Prenatal Vitamin Secret: (Shhh) Doctors recommend that you take vitamins high in folate, such as prenatal vitamins, when you are trying to conceive. This greatly decreases the chance of neural tube defects in your unborn baby. But did you know that these giant pink pills are grossly expensive? So for the economical couple trying to get knocked up, try the generic store brand. It’s the identical vitamin, only half the price! That’s the secret.

Prediction Strips: If you or your spouse have the world’s longest cycle, (and I’m not talking bicycle built for two), you will need dozens of these puppies. And for the best value, you will not want to buy these from your local drug store. Read the pregnancy test section of this article to find a good place to buy ovulation prediction tests!

For the Scientific Type: If you are the scientific type who wants to bring out the big guns to pinpoint ovulation, why not set up a little fertility laboratory in your bedroom? After all, how fun is it to check saliva under a microscope to look for ferning patterns and predict ovulation! Heavy duty equipment like this is not cheap, so check Craigslist and your local classifieds for used equipment, and enjoy saving some money! Basal thermometers that measure body temperature should not be purchased in used condition, however these are inexpensive when purchased online.

How-to Books!: Let’s face it, sometimes we need a little instruction. A book like Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler is a treasure trove of knowledge. So is Sex for Dummies, hehe! And if you need some inspiration before you are locked in love’s embrace, try reading the latest Baby Names book. However, the local library will have all of these good books, without the price tag to go with it. Shy? Similar books can be found in free e-book format, just search the web.

Fertility Friend: Need help tracking and interpreting a cycle or cycles? Do you like tracking fertility online? Want to reach out to a community of experts? Try Fertility Friend for free charting. It’s a powerful tool, also available in iPhone apps for free. Good fun and entertainment for all prospective moms and daddies out there!

Pregnancy Test Bonanza!: For inquiring minds that want to know, those little two packs of pregnancy tests will end up costing you a fortune. Testing too early, testing multiple times per day, or having your cat test to make sure that the test is working right will quickly add up in cost. Therefore, I suggest buying pregnancy test strips in bulk on eBay. A pack of 30 will only run you $3 (including shipping), as opposed to the $12-$14 (not including tax) that you would pay for the little two pack. For $15 including shipping, 50 ovulation prediction strips can be purchased by the same method. You would spend $100+ to purchase an ovulation monitor at the pharmacy.

No matter how you put a bun in the oven, have fun and save your money, baby!

This article was written by me, Jenna Em, and appears in the June 27th issue of the Kuklamoo blog!


  1. Those are some great money-saving tips!! So true about using the generic brand for prenatal vitamins. I learned that the second time around lol

  2. Thanks for your nice posting!! keep it up!!!
    I've been using OVULATION TEST KIT for a long time and I still get butterflies when that little smiley shows his face. :) I

    got one from the internet by searching on Google HOME CHECK Ovulation Kit it was great!

  3. these are some awesome tips! Really wish I had read this when I was pregnant.

  4. Great article for those that are trying to get pregnant. Another tip: for pre-natal vitamins, try to see if your doctor will write you a prescription for it. That way you can get your medical plan to cover it.

  5. I am past that stage but a big bravo goes out to you, 5 children, wow. my children are now having children and I have 6 grandkids so far


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