Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Attend a Twitter Party in 10 Easy Steps!

Have you ever wanted to attend a Twitter Party, but didn't know how? Well today I'll show you how in 10 easy steps!  Twitter Parties are a great way to connect with brands and other interest groups in real time, meaning that the party is live with no time delay!  Hundreds of people can attend the party at the same time, making for a really lively event! 

Many Twitter Parties also offer great prizes for attending, adding to the excitement!  Typical prizes include gift cards, swag, free product coupons, gift baskets, admission to an event and more!  Sometimes there are enticing grand prizes offered like a tablet, laptop or camera!

1 - Get a FREE Twitter account.  Make sure that your account is NOT set to private, or no one will see your tweets during the Twitter Party!

2 - Find a party!  Good places to find Twitter Parties are on She's Connected, TweeParties, or Kathy's Calm to Chaos blog.  All of these websites organize their Twitter Parties by calendar, so it is easy to find a party!

3 - Pick a date, pick a time!  Double check the date and time of the party, noting in which time zone the party will be held so you are on time (example: Eastern Standard Time, etc).  Check how long the party runs for your reference (ie: 1 hour, 90 minutes, 2 hours).  Try to be on time for the party!

4 - Make sure you qualify!  Not all parties are open to all countries, so be sure to ask the party host if the party information page does not specify these details.  For example, a Twitter Party for the USA often does not offer prizing to Canadians.  And vice versa.
5 - Follow your hosts & sponsors.  Visit the Twitter Party information page to see the list of  hosts and sponsors, which should be listed on the Twitter Party calendar.  Not only is it proper Twitter etiquette, but both host and sponsor will be able to Direct Message you (send a private message) if you win a prize!    

6 - RSVP to the event!  Not all Twitter Party require that you RSVP to the event, but many do.  Check the party information page to see if there is an RSVP sign up sheet.  If you are not sure, do ask one of the party hosts if an RSVP is required in order to win prizes.

7 - Know the party hashtag.  A party hashtag is a # sign, followed by letters or numbers.  For example: #SnyMed, #CheeCha, #SCCTO etc.  All your tweets during the party will need to be labelled with this hashtag, or you will NOT appear on the party grid and be eligible to win a prize.  By using the party hashtag, it makes other party goers "see" your tweets during the party.

8 - Use Tweet Grid or TweetDeck so you can see everything that is happening in the Twitter Party at once.  Unlike Twitter, you can view tweets with the party hashtag, tweets from all party hosts and sponsors, and interactions/mentions on the VERY SAME page!  Seeing tweets from ALL party hosts and sponsors at the same time is very important, as that is where all the party questions (for prizes) will be tweeted. 

See below for how I prepared for a recent Twitter Party using Tweet Grid.  Note that I placed hashtag tweets in the far left column, host/sponsor tweets in the center column, and interactions/mentions in the far right column.   

9 - Answer the questions!  Either the party host and/or the sponsor will be tweeting questions, usually using a Q1 (Question 1), Q2, Q3 question format.  I would suggest that you answer the appropriate question using this format: Q1, Q2, Q3 in case prizes are picked based on tweets with those markers.  It also helps the host know which question you are answering, when multiple questions may have been posed.

10 - Have fun!  Yes, the prizes are great, but Twitter Parties are a great vehicle for social networking and information gathering--and a great opportunity to let your hair down and meet some great new people!


  1. Excellent article. I've never used tweet deck, but I have problems sometime with tweet grid not tweeting for me. Have you had that problem?

    1. Thanks NTP! Yes, that has happened to me on occasion when I have overtweeted. I send the tweet, but it just doesn't show. It is usually a warning that I am about to be sent to Twitter Jail. :)

  2. Well-written and informative! Going to pass this along as I know many people who don't understand how Twitter parties work. Thanks SnyMed! Sandy :)

  3. Great post with great information! As we know, YOU were the one who was so awesome to help me prepare for my first twitter party. Your tips were a blessing for me!!! I feel so much more comfortable about Twitter parties now because of your help...thank you!!

    1. Brandi, so kind of you to say! Twitter Parties definitely have a little learning curve.

  4. Thanks, ive never really gotten twitter parties

  5. Twitter parties are very popular now and I still trying to find a platform that works for me. Tweetdeck is great if you get a hang of it. I can't say I've been to many twitter parties lately, but it's a great way to chat about topics you're interested in while meeting new people.

  6. I believe that this should be posted every once in a while, there is always someone new who could use a hint or two


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