Thursday, September 13, 2012

Raising Your Klout Score Using the New Klout!

In a previous post, I wrote about Getting Great FREE Stuff on Klout!  I would suggest you read it through before continuing on to today's topic: Raising Your Klout Score Using the New Klout!  Although I don't profess to be a Klout guru, I can give you some solid tips that will help you increase, or atleast partially understand your Klout score.  This article presumes that you already have a FREE  Klout account, or that you will by the time you finish reading this article!

What is Klout? - First the basics: Klout is a tool that assigns you a numerical score based on your online social influence.  It is a score from 0 to 100, with 100 being the very best.  A "0" would be someone who has not linked their social networks to Klout, and a 100 would be a celebrity or someone highly influencial like US President Barack Obama.
Why Have Klout? - Believe it or not, some jobs actually require you to present your Klout score when applying for certain positions in social media, fashion, media, etc.  There are also FREE Klout Perks that you can receive, based on having a particular Klout score.  A typical Perk would be a full-sized bottle of shampoo, body wash or a set of several bottles (ie: shampoo, conditioner and body wash).  A premium Perk for a select few would be a laptop computer, admittance to the set of a hot television show, or an "all-expenses" paid trip to Seattle!
Link All Active Social Networks - In order to raise your Klout score, I would suggest first linking all your active social networks to Klout.  So, if you are active on Facebook or Twitter, link these.  If you are active on Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress, or Flickr, by all means link them.  If you are inactive in some of these networks, it does not benefit your Klout score to link them.  You can play around with Klout and try linking and unlinking your accounts, and you can see which ones cause your Klout score to increase--and which ones to drop!

Generate Interest in Your Posts - In order to generate a higher Klout score, it is essential that your posts/tweets/etc generate interest and receive responses/interactions.  On Twitter, Klout rates 1 retweet as an interaction, and on Facebook, Klout rates 1 like as an interaction (you get the idea).  In order to have a score in the high 60s or low 70s, your top weekly posts should each receive 5-9+ responses.
See How You're Rated! - Visit your Klout Dashboard to see how Klout has been rating you on your interactions over the past 90 days.  You will see little green circles at the top right of each of your social interactions.  5 green circles is the best possible rating a post/tweet can receive, with 0 being the lowest.  Klout only shows interactions that are rated 1 or more green circles.  This is how they look, see image below.

Receive +K -
Klout also factors in +K that you receive from other Klout users when tabulating your Klout score.  +K is the way that others vouch for you on Klout that you are an expert in a certain area, such as Fashion, Movies, Dogs, Blogging, etc.  You can add up to 20 Klout topics by logging into Klout and substituting "SnyMed" with your own Klout user name: .  Don't forget to +K others back!  You receive 10 +K daily, which can be used for +K-ing others or for adding a new topic (costs 5 +K).

Other Factors That Influence Your Klout Score - There are other factors that come into play when calculating your Klout score. The old Klout format scored you based on how many Facebook comments you received on your wall, or how many mentions or Retweets you received on Twitter.  Although none of these indices are mentioned on the new Klout, it seems plausible that they are still scored. 

Sorry, I can't recall if Facebook shares were scored in the old Klout format, but it likely was/is a part of your score.  In addition, amount of Facebook Fans/Twitter Followers likely play a part in your Klout score, so having more is better!  And all evidence seems to support that Facebook and Twitter are the strongest driving force in your score, so do ensure you are active in both and linked via Klout!  

Did this article help you?  If so, please leave a comment or +K me in your area of choice would be greatly appreciated (Klout name Sny Med)!


  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing :) I don't have as much time to focus on Klout anymore, and they really haven't had anything worthwhile lately (especially for!) but hopefully soon! Especially with the holidays coming hehe :) I hope I can find time to commit more to it again :)

    1. Brandi, what I like about the new Klout format is that it gives you a better idea of how your score came about. I didn't talk about Klout "Moments" in my post, but it shows you the actual moments where Klout perceives you to be socially influential.

  2. Thanks, I've joined but never went much into it


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