Monday, November 05, 2012

Boston Pizza New Kids' Menu!

We Were "Among Friends" at Boston Pizza!
I'm glad to be a brand ambassador for the Boston Pizza new kid's menu!  This Saturday my family and I had a great time at Boston Pizza in Toronto sampling the new children's menu!  All 7 of us went to the restaurant: that is my husband and our 5 kids, 7 years and under.  We saw old friends and new friends, so it really was a great party!

What first impressed us, was that items on the kids' menu included a LOT of food, and cost only $6.99.  When I say a lot of food, I mean that you choose a generous entree, a side, a drink and a dessert.  It was a difficult choice, but my kids chose the BP Mini Cheeseburgers, Bugs n' Cheese (bug-shaped pasta) & Slurpin' Spaghetti.  As a side, the kids selected caesar salads and french fries.  All kids opted for chocolate milk.  For dessert...well, I'll save that as a surprise!
The Kids Eating Up!  Someone's Eating "Bugs 'n Cheese", Yum!
To their delight, the kids each received a generous kid's activity kit as part of the Boston Pizza kid's menu.  It was presented to each child inside a mini pizza box!  Peeking in, there were crayons, checkers, a memory game and a large activity book to keep the kids entertained.  It was a very well thought out kit, and I think that kids will enjoy it, and parents will appreciate having their kids happily occupied.
Kids Enjoying the Boston Pizza Activity Kit!
My kids really enjoyed the food, and I have to say that my husband and I also savoured our meals.  I ordered the Mushroom Swiss burger with french fries, and my husband ordered a Half Rack of Ribs and Wings, with a side caesar salad.  My husband ordered a Pepsi, and I ordered a hot chocolate, not because of cool weather, but because it's all about the chocolate!

Boston Pizza has an awesome BP Kids Card promotion on right now, in that you can receive 5 FREE kid's meals, with a minimum donation of $5 to the Boston Pizza Foundation.  The donation helps local, regional and national charities that support kids and families across Canada.  In essence, you are getting $34.95 in food in exchange for a $5 charity donation.  A win-win situation and you can WIN this below!

The kids were thrilled to meet Lionel, Boston Pizza's shaggy blue mascot with a chef's hat!  My 2-year old son even talked about Lionel after we left the restaurant: "Want to hug Lionel.  Nice Lionel."  He just has that gentle look to him, especially with his red and white checkered tablecloth shirt.

The atmosphere in Boston Pizza was very friendly and casual, which made me think that my family was welcome there.  I would also go there just as a couple, as there was music and entertainment on multiple plasma screens, which definitely blends down the sounds of children.  

And now for the surprise: the kids ordered a GREAT Mini Chocolate Pizza!  This was a hot-from-the-oven giant chocolate chip cookie, a scoop of icecream and generous drizzle of chocolate sauce!  There was enough for everyone to share!  Does it also look good to you?  Check out Boston Pizza for your share!
The AWESOME Boston Pizza "Panookie" Served Hot!

Winner: Cheryl Kirkness
WIN a Boston Pizza Kids Card, which includes 5 free kid's meal coupons from Boston Pizza!  (Each meal is redeemable with a $14 adult purchase.  Kids 10 years old and under.)

To enter, first check out the new Boston Pizza kid's menu, then state in the comments below which item your child (grandchild, etc) would most likely order at the restaurant!

Contest open to Canada and closes on Tuesday November 6th at 8pm EST.  Please leave a way to contact you, if you are the winner.  Good luck!  


  1. I think they would like the mini cheeseburgers or pizza dogs

  2. Yum! That cookie looks delish. My kids would order the mini pizzas.

  3. The chicken fingers!
    sbabij2 at shaw dot ca

  4. Looks like everyone had so much fun! Boston Pizza is very kid friendly and yummy food too :) My kids would likely order the Pint Sized Pizza or Slurpin' Spaghetti :)

  5. Oh my gosh - that cookie looks delicious! My son loves BP food (we all do!).

  6. Oops, I forgot to say his favorite meal. He loves the mini burgers with steamed veggies.

  7. We love Boston Pizza! My kids would definitely love their chicken fingers and Pizza Pinwheels! How fun.

  8. It was a great time but please don't enter me in the contest I just wanted to comment on what a great event it was.

    1. Annie, I LOVED meeting you at the Boston Pizza party! You are even more lovely in person than you are online.

  9. Such FUN! So glad your family enjoyed your lunch and day! Thanks for sharing their new children's meals with us! We actually enjoyed BP the other day! It was so much FUN! The kids ordered Children fingers, & pizza! With chocolate milk of course!


  10. My kids always gets the bugs and cheese

  11. Ohh! Yummy. I know my kids love it there! My youngest would go for the burgers! But I have a feeling she'd only eat as a means to get to the cookie pizza! lol

  12. The new Kid's menu looks great! Makes me want to be able to order from it lol! My son would love the Chicken Fingers and my daughter would love the Pizza pinwheels.

  13. my little guy loves the chicken fingers and fries but we tried the pin wheel pizza bites last time we were there

  14. My daughter would definitely go with the Chicken Fingers!

    Thanks for a great contest!

  15. The Kid's menu has lots of great options! My niece would like the Bugs n Cheese...:)

  16. We love going to Boston Pizza with our kids. My boys always have the pint-sized pizza. chrystaarcher(at)hotmail(dot)com

  17. My nephew would order the chicken fingers.

    Adina H.


  18. Predictable as it is, I think the pepperoni pizza or chicken fingers. ;)

  19. My son would love Pint Size Pizza..

  20. the mini pizzas would be the big winner with the kids!


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