Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 Gifts Your Dad Will Love for Father’s Day, 2013!

I'm very fortunate to have a dad that's pretty great, I think! Although my dad got married when he was only 19-years old, he has always been there for me. When I think about my dad, what comes to mind is a series of generous gestures. I fondly remember the chocolate chip pancakes that dad would make for my brother and I, on Sundays -- his day off. He still makes these very same pancakes for his grandchildren, four decades later!
Or how about the barbecues dad would make at the cottage up north? I remember him trying endlessly to light the charcoal barbecue -- in the wind -- so our family could enjoy a hot meal. As well, I remember my brother and I begging our dad for a "special visitor" before bedtime. Yes, my dad would dress up as a friendly character to send my brother and I off for a good night. We had a cowboy, a native chief, and a visit from a friendly zombie even! Good, happy times. 

To honour my dad and dads like mine, check out this list of 10 Gifts Your Dad Will Love for Father's Day, 2013! 

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone - I own the Samsung Galaxy S3, and can vouch that it's a great phone! The S3 has an amazing camera and very sharp resolution, which apparently has improved with the S4. My phone impressed my husband so much, that he wants to replace his current phone with the S4. I can't afford to buy him the Samsung Galaxy S4 this Father's Day, but hopefully the price will come down by his birthday!

2. Weber Barbecue - My husband very thoughtfully received a Weber barbecue for Father's Day from my dad years ago, and it has been such a useful and reliable gift! In fact, each and every winter we grill on our Weber barbecue in our snow-filled Toronto backyard. He'll feel like the king of the grill on a Weber!

3. HP Laptop & Wireless Printer! - This is the present I'm giving my cool husband this year for Father's Day! He alternates between using my laptop and the kids' tablet, so I decided on the HP Envy x2. It's a laptop computer with touchscreen, which uncouples into a stand-alone tablet. I also got him the HP Envy 120 e all-in-one printer, which allows wireless printing from the HP tablet or a smartphone. High-tech: the printer also has a mini touchscreen!

4. Baton Rouge Steakhouse! - My dad loves Baton Rouge restaurant, and is crazy about the ribs there! For almost any special occasion where a gift is required (including Father's Day), I just slip a Baton Rouge restaurant gift card inside his envelope and he's delighted. Baton Rouge also serves amazing hot appetizers, like cheddar dip with crispy tortilla chips or Louisiana spinach dip! Locations in Ontario and Quebec.

5. Costco Membership! - It's a big joke in my family that my dad is seriously addicted to Costco! Whenever I tell my dad what I just bought, he always tells me he just saw it for cheaper at Costco. If I tell him I bought a package of 8 frozen hamburgers, he'll tell me that Costco sells a 16-pack...for $10 less! He also loves Costco's little restaurant and lunches himself on the giant hotdogs and bottomless soda pop. My dad would be lost without hisCostco membership, so allow me to suggest one as a Father's Day gift for your dad!

6. Blu-ray Player - Does your dad still have his favourite movie library--on VHS? If yes, it's time to transition him over to the wonderful world of blu-ray! Father's Day is as good a day as any to ease dad into the digital world, and prices on blu-ray players have really fallen over the past year. Just imagine dad's delight when he doesn't have to rewind the movie when he's done watching it!

7. Baseball Tickets - If your dad is a sports fan, why not get him tickets to a baseball game for Father's Day? There's nothing like watching a homerun live in the stadium, when you hear that perfect crack of ball on bat. It's electric the way the fans rise to their feet, the way that they roar, as the batter glides across home plate...but I digress! Take your dad to a baseball game and enjoy quality time spent together! Can't afford tickets? Take an hour or two to play catch with your dad, regardless of your age.

8. Reclining Chair - Dads everywhere can benefit from a reclining chair in order to relax after a hard day's work! Let's face it, if dad falls asleep on the couch, there's nowhere for anyone else to sit--and it's so much more dignified! Get dad one with a pull-out footrest to rest his poor tender tootsies this Father's Day!

9. Gym Membership - Is your dad still a size 31" waist, just like in his youth--except his stomach hangs over his belt? Then maybe it's time to get dad a health club membership for Father's Day! Facilities like the YMCA have amenities for dad like a swimming pool, walking track, weight room, and cardio equipment. Dad can play a pick up game of basketball, badminton, or even table tennis. Psst, they offer a 2-week trial membership for free, big spender! Locations Canada-wide.

10. Classic Gifts - If you dad prefers classic gifts for Father's Day, he will be very easy to shop for! Tried and true gifts for dads include: tools, car stuff, golf clubs, a new watch, speaker system, necktie, belt or golf shirt. Think 3 times before buying dad cuff links or a tie pin, its 2013! If you're on a tight budget, take dad out for wings and a pitcher of beer, or plan a morning of fishing off the pier together (don't forget your fishing licence)!

This article was written by me, Jenna Em, and also appears in the June 10th, 2013 issue of The Huffington Post.
What are you getting your father or husband for Father's Day this year?  How will you spend Father's Day this year?


  1. These are great gifts! I could give everyone to my picky husband and he would be happy! My fav is the tablet! I'm a gadget junkie!

  2. One day, I hope to be able to give my hubby a recliner - that would make the best Father's Day gift ever!

  3. Fabulous gifts! My husband loves Costco. I gift card would be perfect for him.

  4. My Hubby wants a pair of J's and my dad is always happy with pens. Easy shopping!

  5. Oooh, but.. I think he'd like the gym membership.

  6. Those are all excellent gift ideas! The best thing about all those ideas, is that they don't necessarily have to be for Father's Day. Those have got me thinking what my son can get my boyfriend for his birthday next month :)

  7. excellent gift ideas even for Christmas which is right around the corner


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