Sunday, December 01, 2013

Mastermind Toys Offers Same Day Shipping From Canada Post!

Getting Ready for the Holidays 
Have you ever been in a pinch around the Holiday season and badly needed to send a gift?  I'm sure that we've all been in this situation at one time or another, which is why I'm pleased to announce same day delivery from Mastermind Toys and Canada Post!  In fact, all the toys shown above, gift-wrapped and otherwise, were shipped to me same day delivery!

Same Day Delivery at Mastermind Toys!
Here's how same delivery delivery at Mastermind Toys works via Canada Post.  Just visit Mastermind and complete your shopping order before 12:00pm on the same day that you require same day delivery.  Select Shipping Method entitled: "Delivered Tonight 5:30-9:00pm", shown below with the red arrow.  Note: there is an additional fee for this service.
Select "Delivered Tonight 5:30-9:00pm" from Mastermind Toys!
Do note in the terms and conditions that the "Delivered Tonight" option is available from Monday to Friday, excluding holiday.  Also, the service is only available (for now) in specific Toronto and GTA areas.  For specifics of the "Delivered Tonight" option, do read through below.
Do You Qualify for "Delivered Now" Option on Mastermind Toys?
My daughter had been asking me for a Rainbow Loom bracelet-making kit this year, which is one of the 2013 Hot Toys.  Luckily, Mastermind Toys had it for only $18.95, as it has been constantly selling out everywhere.  I put it happily in my virtual shopping cart along with Rainbow Loom refill bands in "mermaid" colours, ($4.99).  I also purchased a Bixbee Sparkalicious Turquoise Duffle Bag as a gift for a child, ($19.95), 2 invisible ink books ($4.95 each), as well as 2 Roald Dahl softcover books ($7.99-$8.50) and a Captain Underpants hardcover book ($10.99)! 
Rainbow Loom: My Daughter Got Her Wish This Year!

I found the "Delivered Now" option offered from Mastermind Toys and Canada Post very easy to use.  I simply shopped for what I needed and checked out.  I even requested that two items be gift-wrapped, as they were for presents--and had them include a little paper card.  For this order, I paid with both a Mastermind Toys gift card and a credit card, and the process was smooth.    

When checking out, I selected the "Delivered Now" option and placed my order before 12:00pm.  I read the terms and conditions for same day delivery, and was delighted that I lived in the geographic area that Mastermind Toys via Canada Post currently services.  I noted that there was an extra delivery charge and that someone had to be home that same night in order to receive the package.  I received a confirmation e-mail once my order had been placed, and then about one hour later when my order had been fulfilled and shipped.

My order arrived just before 8:00pm via Canada Post on the same day that I placed my order from Mastermind Toys.  All items had arrived as ordered and were packaged carefully.  The two items that I had requested gift wrapped (with a little paper card) arrived in good order.  There was much joy in my household!  
The Mastermind Toys Gift Card
I would definitely recommend same day delivery from Mastermind Toys and Canada Post.  It costs a bit more, as one would expect, but this is a valuable and efficient service during the holiday rush!

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Have you ever been in a pinch to buy a last minute Holiday gift?  What do you think of online websites that offer same day shipping options?


  1. This is awesome! MAstermind toys, are one of my fave brands. Their toys are awesome! And with this offer Im def more favourable towards them. :)

  2. Wow that is so convenient! I will be passing this information on to my friends and family, since I am already done with my Christmas shopping for all the kids this year.

    Melinda L.

  3. Love Mastermind Toys! I have bought so many great things from them over the years. I love that you can always find something different.

  4. mastermind always has great customer service

  5. I love that Mastermind is offering same day shipping. I think they have such amazing selection of toys. Being on the westcoast we only recently got our own Mastermind toys and I'm so excited. It's still a bit of drive, but worth it for it's toy selection.

  6. I will be checking this out for my shopping this year


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