Friday, December 20, 2013

NEW Julius Jr. Episodes Every Sunday on Nick Jr! Check out Sheree's Recipes!

NEW Julius Jr. Episodes Every Sunday at 11am EST!
Do you have a Julius Jr. fan in your household?  Watch NEW episodes of Julius Junior every Sunday at 11am EST--only on Nick Jr!  You can also rewatch past episodes on Julius Jr on!  As mentioned previously on the SnyMed blog, I'm a Saban Brand-Bassador!  In honour of my role with Saban, the kids and I did some fun Julius Jr activities over the past few days!

A Special Julius Jr. Kit for the Kids!
This package of Julius Jr. aprons, puzzles, stickers, stamps, tattoos and magnets arrived from our friends Saban Brands!  First, the kids wanted to decorate their own Julius Jr. aprons with fabric markers!
Colouring Julius Jr. Aprons!
All 5 of my kids, from the youngest to the oldest personalized their Julius Jr. apron with their favourite colours.  Take a look at the final creations!

The Kids' Julius Jr. Apron Creations!
My littlest guy wanted to colour a Julius Jr. puzzle next, and I think he did a great job!  He really coloured his little heart out, and I helped a little too!
Colouring & Assembling a Julius Jr. Puzzle!
Lastly, my son wanted to have fun with his new Julius Jr. stamp and inkpad.  Needless to say, he was there for an hour stamping out Julius's face again and again.  Simple pleasures!
Having Fun With a Julius Jr. Stamp Set
Check out the three recipes below, inspired by dishes from Sheree, one of Julius Jr.'s best friends!  They are very tasty, and fairly easy to make!  

Have you watched the Julius Jr. episode "Fruitronic 3000"?  Try this scrumptious recipe for fresh Winter Fruit Salad!
Fresh Winter Fruit Salad Recipe!
Click HERE to supersize & print!
Here is also a great Spaghetti Pizza recipe, below, from the Julius Jr. episode called "Dez the Dragon"!  You're kids will enjoy making and eating this one!
Spaghetti Pizza Recipe!
Click HERE to supersize & print!
Last by not least, here's a Banana Sammies recipe inspired by Sheree's banana treats in the "Banana-licious" episode of Julius Jr.!  Your little monkey will love these!
Banana Sammie Recipe!
Click HERE to supersize & print!
For fun, here's some great Julius Jr. winter and Happy Holidays colouring pages!  Just click the links below to supersize and print out copies for the kids to enjoy this winter break! 

Happy Holidays Julius Jr. Coloring Page!
Click HERE to supersize & print!
Fun in the Snow Julius Jr. Coloring Page!
Click HERE to supersize & print!

Sheree Cupcakes Julius Jr. Coloring Page!
Click HERE to supersize & print!
Do you have a child in your household who enjoys watching Julius Jr?  What is your child's or grandchild's favourite animal?


  1. This is so adorable and the kids seem to like it! We haven't got into Julius Jr. just yet but, we will have to check him out.

  2. Love those aprons! And the recipes - very cool. What a fun craft and a great looking show.

  3. Very cool, I will have to ask the kids if they have ever watched Julius Jr.

  4. The aprons are awesome, and the recipies are easy to chance to make them Gluten free for my son :)

  5. I have to admit I have not heard of Julius before, but this sounds like something my little guy would love! Cute crafts and the aprons are adorable!!

  6. We have never seen Julius Jr here - I might have to let the kids have a look though, he looks like a pretty cute monkey

  7. We've never heard of Julius JR. But sure looks awesome. Im def gonna check this out more!

  8. Haven't heard of Julius Jr, but those are some yummy looking recipes.


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