Sunday, January 12, 2014

Crazy for Kinder Surprise Egg Crack'n Win CONTEST!

Crazy for Kinder Eggs!
Being a KinderMom has been a great source of delight for my family and I!  Once a week my kids get to choose a wonderful Kinder chocolate egg, and everytime a child visits our home, we send him or her home with a chocolate egg!  There are about 20 kids with peanut allergies at our school, so it's of great importance that Kinder eggs are peanut-free (always check labels first, if your child has peanut allergies).

I love to surprise my kids with a new movie, book, toy, treat or experience!  When a big box arrives for them, we like to play a guessing game to figure out what's inside.  The kids get really passionate with their guesses, and all 5 kids argue good-naturedly about whose guess is the right one!  Once we open the box, the kids squeal and get really excited about what's inside the box (see photo above).  As you can see, the kids are crazy for Kinder eggs!
Kinder Crack'n Win Promotion Is Now On!
Over $2.4 MILLION in prizes up for grabs!
If you love Kinder eggs AND winning, purchase specially-marked Kinder Surprise eggs and play Kinder Crack'n Win!  This fun promotion not only celebrates the launch of the new 2014 Kinder toy collection, but there are also over $2.4 MILLION instant prizes to be won!  And yes, you can find Kinder Crack'n Win eggs in either pink tops, or white tops!

Some prizes up for grabs in the Kinder Crack'n Win contest include: a 2014 Fiat 500 POP car, a family vacation to Orlando Florida (2 winning families)!, 27,850 family night out movie passes and 201,000 free Kinder eggs!  Each Kinder egg still includes delicious chocolate, a new 2014 Kinder toy, and a pin code to enter the Kinder Crack'n Win contest!     
Chocolate,  Kinder Toys & a Chance to Crack'n Win!
CONTEST: How to Play!
Look inside specially-marked Kinder Surprise eggs for your PIN: it's located inside the plastic capsule, on the toy assembly leaflet and/or embossed on the toy.  It may read something like this: DCXXX.  Once you have your code in-hand, enter it on the Kinder Canada Facebook page HERE.  Be sure to like the Kinder Canada fan page if you haven't already!  Enter your PIN code (along with any required information), and click "Check Your Pin" to see if you're a winner.  GOOD LUCK!

When it comes to winning things, I have about the same luck as the average person.  However, I did win an Apple iPad 2 in a writing contest two years ago!  I won it right at the time that the iPad 2 was a very hot item, and my husband really wanted one.  My husband and kids were delighted that I won, and they couldn't wait until the prize arrived!  Two years later, they still use it daily.  It was thrilling for me to see my name as the winner, especially because my entry was chosen from hundreds of others.
Do You Want to Crack'n Win?
My kids keep the Kinder toys that they collect displayed on the headboard bookshelves of their beds.  My youngest two guys integrate them in their play, and often make the figurines "drive" their toy cars.  When a friend comes over to play, it's common for my kids to gift a Kinder toy as a parting gift (along with a brand new Kinder Surprise egg)!  The kids have already started their 2014 Kinder toy collection, and so far have a gorilla, orange jeep, 2 spinning ribbon tops, and animal hologram stickers!      

Do your kids or grandkids like Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs and the toys inside?  What would you rather win: a family vacation to Orlando, Florida or a 2014 Fiat POP car?

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Wow! What an amazing contest! I would love to win the Fiat Pop Car!

  2. Surprises are always fun! Cute idea!

  3. I have never heard of Kinder Eggs, but they seem like a really neat treat to give kids when they've behaved well all week or done something exceptionally good at school.

  4. Oh man we could use a new car right about now lol. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh the Fiat for sure!! Those kids look super excited!

  6. My son used to love to his Kinder egg with the suprise inside. He didn't like the chocolate so much, so I would help him with that (a treat for mommy, too). The best thing for him was the toy inside.

  7. Kinder Eggs are still one of my favorite treats, and I'm 25. You're never too old!

  8. I absolutely LOVE the looks on your kids faces in the first photo!! so sweet and exactly how my boys looks when they get a Kinder!! It is the best treat because they get a treat, a surprise and a toy!

  9. I've heard of these but never seen them before. Thanks for the info. I'll definitely be checking these eggs out!

  10. I would rather win a family vacation to Florida - this is something we have been trying to save for, but every time we think we are close, something big happens with the house that needs to be fixed/replaced etc.

    My kids LOVE Kinder Eggs!

  11. I love Kinder Eggs! They remind me of when I lived in Germany as a child. Too bad we can't get them where I live in Kentucky.

  12. Never Heard Of These Need To Get For My Kids They Would LOVE Them!!! Thanks For Sharing!

  13. I used to live in Orlando, so it's not that exciting to I'd probably rather win the car!

  14. these looks soo neat! Cant wait to buy some!


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