Monday, April 07, 2014

Mmm Chocolate! Puddin' Squeez Squeezable Pudding Review

Having a Treat With Puddin' Squeez!
Do you or your kids love puddings, chocolate or vanilla?!  I know that I've loved puddings as long as I can remember, and I can even recall being a 3-year old child eating a dish of butterscotch pudding in my mother's kitchen!  At the time, that was my favourite pudding in the whole wide world!  As I got a bit older, I graduated to a love of chocolate pudding.  I definitely passed this love down to my children who love all kids of puddings: chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch (my 3-year old calls this "hopscotch"), and more!

Convenient & Clean
My kids recently tried Puddin' Squeez, which is a convenient pudding that comes in a little pouch and can be squeezed into a child's mouth.  As it comes in a squeeze pouch, there is no spoon required (and therefore no spoon to forget to pack).  A squeezable pudding also has the advantage of--theoretically--not getting on your child's hands and clothing.  I say "theoretically", as my kids took a scissors to open up the pouches so they could finish every last chocolatey drop!  

Due to the way that the pudding is packaged and does not require a spoon, it's an easy treat for the car, diaper bag, purse, stroller, sports event, picnic, etc.

Yes, my kids liked the taste and texture of the chocolate Puddin' Squeez so much, that they deconstructed the pouches!  Then, they asked when they could have their next portion.  As this is a treat in our household, I definitely have to ration the kids out, as they would quickly and efficiently deplete the stash!
Chocolate & Vanilla Flavours
Down-to-Earth Ingredients

As a parent, I liked that the pudding was pretty down-to-Earth with ingredients like milk, sugar and cocoa powder.  In addition, I was impressed that the 85 g/3 oz pouches were only 100 calories for a very generous treat--which is even less calories than a drinkable yogurt.  This is important to me, as when choosing a treat for my kids, I prefer nutrition to empty calories. 

I found chocolate and vanilla Puddin Squeez at a local big box store, and it was priced at $3.19 per 4-pack, working out to .94¢ per unit.  Compare the price to a drinkable yogurt at the grocery store, and this treat works out to less. 
Smiles All Around!
The Final Analysis
My kids ages 3- to 8-years old enjoyed eating Puddin' Squeez as a treat, and it was very well-received.  As the product has decent ingredients and 100 calories per portion, I would purchase this again.  It is an added bonus that Puddin' Squeez is very portable and does not require a spoon, and I found the price point reasonable.
Pudding Squeeze is a Recent PTPA Seal Winner!
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Do you, your kids or grandkids enjoy pudding?  What is the favourite pudding flavour in your household?  Have you ever heard of Puddin' Squeez and do you think that your kids or grandkids would enjoy it?


  1. Oooh yummy! They look so good and convenient for the lunch box!

  2. I am also a pudding lover, specifically chocolate! I remember my mom use to make me the most amazing fudgicles using chocolate pudding. I love how easy it is to eat this pudding! No spoons! Perfect for road trips!

  3. These look delicious! Great to pack in school lunches for a special treat.

  4. Very convenient and much less messy than a spoon! Chocolate is our pudding flavour of choice!

  5. These look pretty awesome! I've seen applesauce in a pouch before, but not pudding and my kids absolutely love pudding. I love that it's convenient and clean so that it doesn't get everywhere, but in their mouths. Definitely will be checking them out.

  6. You knew it was just a matter of time on this one. And I am happy it is here. Now no more forgetting a spoon!

  7. wow! this takes squeezable snacks to a new level. What a great treat without the pudding ending up all over their face and clothes.

  8. Love that this is a PTPA Award Winner! I like that it's squeezable -- no chocolate pudding mess! ;)

  9. This is great! We love those on the go fruit pouches for kids, this would be awesome to have some on hand. Although I still think my two year old can make a mess out of anything, even things that claim to be mess free.

  10. I love companies who make a parent's life easier! My kids love pudding, so these are perfect for us. Our only issue is they tend to want to eat more than one because it is so much fun to swueeze them!

  11. First of all, what a cutie your little guy is... The pudding looks good and I love the convenient packaging. Great for anywhere, anytime! :)

  12. This would save me a lot of spoons, as many are left at school.

  13. hang on...chocolate + pudding = squeezable chocolate pudding?! I so have to check these out at the supermarket!

  14. Mess-free pudding,that would be wonderful


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