Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shaw Launches Free Disney XD, Disney Junior & Family Channel Apps & Contest! (~OVER~)

My Son Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
on Shaw Go Disney Junior App
Late last year I wrote about the Free Shaw Go YTV and Free Shaw Go Treehouse apps, which are free for Shaw subscribers that currently subscribe to those two kids' channels. My 3-year old son has been crazy about the Shaw Go Treehouse app, and watches many of his favourite shows like Thomas & Friends, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, Caillou and more!
Shaw Just Introduced 3 New Kids' Apps!
Shaw Go Disney XD Shown Above
Just eariler this month, Shaw also launched Shaw Go Family, Shaw Go Disney XD and Shaw Go Disney Junior apps to complement their "Shaw Go Kids" apps!  These new apps can be accessed anytime and anywhere on iOS and Android devices such as tablets and smartphones.  I believe The Shaw Go Disney Junior app is best suited for kids up to 6-years old; Shaw Go Family app for 6- to 11-years olds, and Shaw Go Disney XD channel is also for 6- to 11-years old.
The New Shaw Go Disney Junior App!
My 3-year old son likes the shows on the new Shaw Go Disney Junior app, and it's a simple interface for a non-reader.  He just touches the picture of the show that he wants to watch, and then the available episodes appear beneath.  My feedback for the Shaw Go Disney Junior app would be to include different stillshots of the available episodes--rather than the same one.  This approach would help kids identify favourite or unwatched episodes.
A Peek at the New Shaw Go Disney XD Line Up!
The Shaw Go Disney XD app is also very easy to use, with a pictorial and text interface.  I counted 18 different shows, and 84 different episodes--which is great for this complimentary service.  As content is licenced for a 30-day period, episodes that are about to "expire" are marked as such.  I like this "countdown to expiry" feature, as my kids sometimes search for favourite episodes on other streaming services, and they just disappear without notice once the licencing period runs down.  New episodes are also marked as such--and the shows get "refreshed" on a regular basis.  
Parental Control in Shaw Go Disney XD App
I like that the Shaw Go Disney XD and Shaw Go Family apps include parental controls in their apps.  This is a fantastic feature of this free, value-added app and one that I applaud.  The parental controls require a PIN in order to access the settings. I wish that more apps would include such a feature!

A View of the New Shaw Go Family App!
The Shaw Go Family app works the same as the Shaw Go Disney XD app.  I counted 18 different shows available for viewing, and 93 different episodes--so lots of content to keep the kids entertained!  There is very little overlap of content from the Shaw Go Family app to Shaw Go Disney XD, although Phineas & Ferb are represented in both apps.   This is a great service to have when you're mobile with the kids.

Shaw Go Family App!
A great feature of these new Shaw Go apps includes intelligent streaming, which provides the best video quality possible regardless of connection speed.  Also, Shaw Go kids apps include a video bookmarking feature which allows the show to be stopped and played back at a later time.  

New Shaw Go Disney Junior App!
How to Get Shaw Go for FREE
Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct customers can simply download the apps by visiting or Shaw Go Family, Shaw Go Disney XD and Shaw Go Disney Junior are available to all Shaw Cable subscribers. Shaw Direct subscribers will initially have access to the Shaw Go Family and Shaw Go Disney Junior apps for download.  

Shaw Internet customers are able to complement their use of these apps by accessing the Shaw Go WiFi network. A full list of locations is available at or through the Shaw Go WiFi Finder App!

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  1. I loved to win this for my Son Edyn

  2. My kids watch shows on my ipad when we travel.

  3. Yes my daughter watches shows/movies on our laptops and iPads.

  4. My son uses an ipad all the time, love to win this for more clean viewing options!

  5. my kiddos are constantly stealing my computer to watch their shows. LOL

  6. My grandkids watch movies on my laptop all the time.

  7. Yup they sure do. We have the shaw go app, the movie central shaw app, and the treehouse shaw go app, so will be getting this one too. :)

  8. My kids love watching shows on their tablets.

  9. I'd like to win the prize pack for my nephew. He would love the water bottle and other swag items.

  10. My son watches shows on a tablet every now and then

  11. my daughter watches a lot of shows on my laptop!

  12. My daughter watches her shows on my laptop

  13. my kids watch a lot of shows online via tablet/laptop

  14. My kids watch lots of shows online via tablet/laptop or their phones.

  15. my girls enjoy watching their shows on the computer, they would like this! thanks for the chance

  16. My son watches shows on my smartphone and our tablet.

  17. My son watches tv on every electronic devince we have; my tablet, the tv or my smart phone. Whatever he can get his hands on

  18. We watch on smart phone, and tablets. And Love love love MIckey!!

  19. I watch shows on my iPhone and occasionally my kids do too.

  20. My kids sometimes watch shows on the computer or my iphone.

  21. My girls will occasionally watch movies on my laptop.

  22. My 14th month old son loves to watch Netflix on our smartphones. Sometimes that is the only thing that will come him down (especially during long car trips)



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