Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Fantastic Glama Gal Tween Spa Birthday Party!

All Ready for Her Glama Gal Tween Spa Birthday Party!
9 months ago we moved to a new neighbourhood with our five kids, which has been bittersweet. Bitter: as we no longer see our "old" friends on a daily basis, and sweet: as we've met new friends, the kids attend a wonderful "new" school--and there's opportunities for us to grow as a family.

As a result of the move, our daughter had to leave her two "old" best friends behind and attend the new school that I mentioned.  I know that the transition has not been an easy one for her, and it has affected her self-confidence to a degree.
Glama Gal Party Invitations & Bracelets For the Girls
This year my daughter decided she wanted to have an "unbirthday" for all her friends--old and new.  Her actual birthday is in the summer, which means that her girlfriends are away and cannot attend a birthday celebration.  I was delighted when my daughter showed the initiative in planning a party, so I readily agreed. 

My daughter is a girly-girl and was dazzled by the idea of a Glama Gal Tween Spa birthday party.  She had enjoyed a mani-pedi at the spa previously, and was really enamored by the place.  I booked the party with Glama Gal, and they mailed me beautiful party invitations and dark pink rubber bracelets for my daughter to hand out to her friends.  We mailed a few invitations to my daughter's friends in our "old" area, and I loved how the jelly bracelets tucked easily into an envelope.
The Girly Pedicure Area of Glama Gal Tween Spa
The Glama Gal Tween Spa is quite beautiful inside, with no details overlooked.  For example, the walls are painted hot pink with elegant chandeliers hanging from the ceilings.  In the pedicure and lounge areas, there are chairs shaped like high-heel shoes, and covered in a zebra print.
Lounging in Style!
As soon as the guests arrived, they were warmly welcomed.  Then, the girls changed into a pair of spa flip flops, and chit-chatted in the lounge while a Glama Gal leader orchestrated icebreakers.

There was a very generous dining area in the rear of Glama Gal, which was nicely tucked away and beautifully decked out.  As our party was set for noon, the girls were ushered into the dining room to enjoy pizza and pinkatinis.

I was very impressed by how the Glama Gal staff kept the conversation going during the meal.  One game that they played was "what do you love the best about the birthday girl?"  This game was a big boost to my daughter's ego, as the girls were able to say why they enjoyed her friendship and shared their fondest memories of her.
A Beautiful Celebration
The cupcakes were nicely presented in a cupcake tree, set temptingly out on the well-dressed table.  The girls sang "Happy Birthday" to my daughter, and got ready for their facials.
Happy UnBirthday!
In preparation of their spa treatments, the girls changed into white with pink monogrammed bathrobes on top of their clothing.  Then it was time to get a fabulous group photo with fancy hats, hairbands, glasses and other fun props!  This was a great memento for my daughter, who will have a photo of all her friends together--both old and new!
My Daughter Celebrating With Her Friends!
A Most Happy Celebration!
Then it was time for the utmost relaxation with an edible chocolate facial (yes! you heard me right!) and cucumber eye mask!  The spa dimmed the lights, put on soothing music, and started by spraying the girls with a refreshing water mist.  Then, it was time to paint the girls with a delicious chocolate facial.  Needless to say, the girls offered no complaints!
Heaven, I'm In Heaven!
Chocolate Facial
The Girls Relaxing Together
Next, the girls embarked on their pedicures--while eating a scoop of icecream with sprinkles.  They all soaked their feet in warm water and added a bath bomb of their choice.  Then, they each enjoyed a mini foot massage and toe nail polish of their choice!
Life Is Good!
Time For Pedis!
After the pedis, the girls moved on to swag bag shopping--and each got to choose pretty trinkets like bracelets, headbands, wallets and more.  The Glama Gal staff wrapped their new treasures in tissue paper and hot pink gift bags!
The Girls Went Wild for Swag Bag Shopping!
The last step in the spa treatment was for the girls to all have manicures at the nail bar.  Again, the girls all got to choose a bath bomb for their hands and nail polish (or polishes) of their choice.  I loved walking around and seeing what colour combinations the girls selected.  My daughter choose a hot pink, with a silver sparkle overlay.  It looked really fantastic, see below!
Enjoying a Manicure at Glama Gal
Before leaving, the girls also received colourful feather clip-on hair extensions.  To me, this was the cherry on top of the sundae and really made the girls feel special.

I could tell that the girls really enjoyed the party, and some remarked how they would like to have their next birthday party at Glama Gal Tween Spa.  Some parents dropping off or picking up their daughters took a quick tour of the spa and were very impressed.  I know that I was impressed again at our second visit.

I would highly recommend Glama Gal Tween Spa for girls of all ages.  It was a fun, safe, empowering, and glamorous experience--where girls could bond with their friends.  My daughter loved her party, and has talked about it with delight ever since her special day.  I asked her if there was anything she did not like about the party, and she said she loved it all!

Now she is talking about going back again to Glama Gal for some of their other special events!

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What looked like the best part of the Glama Gal birthday party: the mani, pedi, or chocolate facial?  Do you have a daughter or granddaughter who would love visiting this spa?


  1. This looks like a great birthday party for any young girl. I hope to take my daughter to the spa as she would love it

  2. Oh my!!! This is 100% one of the biggest things I'm looking forward to doing with my baby girl.. spa days, lazy library days, fun birthday parties etc.. thank you for sharing!! Wonderful! Surely a day she won't forget for a long time!!!

  3. I wish I had a party like this when I was younger. Thanks for sharing.

  4. So at this very moment I want to go back in time and be one of your daughters friends - old or new!! :) What a treat for the girls! You can't get anymore girly girl than this - what an awesome unbirthday!

  5. What a great birthday adventure! DD2 went to an event a Glama girl and we LOVED it! She loved being pampered and feeling girly! It looks like your DD2 had a great time too!

  6. That is cool. My daughter had a mini makeover party for her 10th birthday.

  7. Oh my gosh so much fun! This would be an awesome party for a tween and her girlfriends.

  8. What a great birthday treat for the girls! I love the theme and I'm sure she had a great time. I'm a mom of 2 boys so when I see these awesome birthday parties I get a little jealous!

  9. oh fun! My daughter would so love this, what a great party idea!

  10. Oh my goodness this has got to be the best birthday ever for a young lady. Pampering with friends. Can't get better than that.

  11. What a wonderful idea for a Tween party! What girl wouldn't love spending a day being pampered at the spa. It looks like there was everything to ensure a great party , from chocolate facials to treat bags, cupcakes to pretty invitations, pinkatinis to pedicures and everything in between!

  12. This is such a cool birthday idea! I wish this was around when I was growing up. Oh well. But hey nothing like getting mani/pedi and being pampered!


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