Thursday, December 25, 2014

Want a Sandwich?

Want a Sandwich Too?
I love the holidays so much, but with all the heavy food I sometimes just want a simple sandwich!  So today on Christmas Day, between the feasting, I made myself a chopped egg sandwich with some grape tomatoes and mixed fruit.  The chopped egg had paprika gingerly sprinkled on top.
My Dream Sandwich
I made the egg salad sandwich just so, with fresh Villaggio bread and sliced it into two halves.  I daydreamed about sinking my teeth into the rustic bread, and then feeling the coarsely chopped egg in my mouth.  For an acid taste, I imagined piercing the tomatoes with my canine teeth.
My Son Plundered My Sandwich!
But my dream wasn't to be, and my son was also admiring my sandwich.  I sure hope it was good, because not a crumb was left!  Happy Holidays!
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What have you been eating over the holidays?  Have you made time to have a simple sandwich?


  1. Rustic bread is tasty for sure and works well with egg salad. I enjoy that but rarely think to make it.

  2. Two days after Christmas and you can bet we're making turkey sandwiches! They're the best party of turkey dinner.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. LOL!! Isn't that always the way! Creating a delicious feast, only to have little ones steal it right out of your mouth! I miss Fresh bread like Villagios. It would be amazing with leftover turkey!

  4. Hahaha, too funny he got it! We eat lots of sandwiches around Christmas too - you're right that it's nice to have a few simple meals (or snacks) after all the feasting on Christmas Day. :) Turkey sandwiches are popular with our families. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I honestly cant think of a better sandwich than egg,it has always been my favorite

  6. Turkey sandwiches are a favorite in our home

  7. I have to go boil an egg for a egg salad sandwich,this one looks delicious


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