Saturday, March 28, 2015

Building a "Scribble Robot" With the Energizer Bunny!

The Ontario Science Centre
My kids and I descended upon the Ontario Science Centre this morning, to build a "Scribble Robot" using Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries.  This was part of Energizer's "Join Our Journey" initiative, which encourages the next generation of thinkers to begin a STEM journey of their own (science, technology, engineering, and math).  

EcoAdvanced batteries are lauded as the world's first battery made with 4% recycled batteries.  Energizer's goal is to ultimately offer a battery made of entirely recycled materials, and by the year 2025, they hope to reach 40%.  
The Energizer Bunny & My Elated Son
There were smiles all around, as the Energizer Bunny paid a visit to the children at the event.  Even though the kids were exuberant, the Bunny was tireless--and never seemed to run out of "energy".

Then the kids built their own simple "Scribble Robot", using only a paper cup, tape, magic marker, paper, clothespin, AA Energizer EcoAdvanced battery, and a wired propeller!  What a fun little machine!

VIDEO: Click the video below to see the "Scribble Robot" in motion! 

VIDEO: Our Scribble Robot


Hey young Canadians, Energizer invites you to "Join Our Journey" by entering drawings of your dream creature to!  The winner will get a chance to work with experts in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), have the creature brought to life with the Energizer EcoAdvanced battery, AND win $10,000 towards an RESP!

For details of the contest, click the VIDEO below!

What career do you think your child or grandchild would pursue with a $10,000 RESP?  Do you believe that batteries containing other recycled batteries are a step in the right direction for the environment?


  1. What fun!! I could see my kids entering this contest actually. I haven't thought about batteries containing other recoiled batteries But it makes sense. I think one of my daughters will be a teacher so I think we need our RESPs.

  2. I could definitely use some RESP money!! I love any contest that can help us out that way ... but also, the premise of this one is particularly cool. I am hopefully my kids will really take an interest in STEM. It's the future.

  3. How cool is this? $10,000 towards RESPs goes a long way. I'm going to check this out.

  4. What a great contest!! We love energizer! They are quality batteries!!! RESP Money is definitely something my kids could use!

  5. What a great product! I'm happy to hear Energizer has created EcoAdvanced batteries. If my DD won $10,000 I bet she'd use it towards a degree in veterinary medicine. She loves animals.

  6. This makes me happy. Since learning how bad batteries can be for the environment it frustrated me that not more companies would do something about it. I am excited that Energizer decided it was time and went a head with it:) Plus it is also nice there is the possibility of winning $10 000 in RESPs with two boys anything helps:)

  7. What a great initiative! Good work Energizer! :-)

  8. Recycling batteries is certainly a good step, it's better than it being in the landfill where it could potentially contaminate our drinking water and environment. $10,000 would be an awesome investment towards any kid's future.


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