Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fall 2015 Sports Programmes in Toronto & the GTA at TAC Sports! DISCOUNT CODE!

My Son at Tennis Lessons
As much as I'd enjoy an endless summer, September is around the corner, and with it the reality of the school year.  To balance out the somewhat sedentary nature of school, I've filled the kids' fall schedule with athletics.  With 5 kids, my criteria has been to select sports that the kids enjoy; good instructors and programmes; a reasonable commute to the activity; a fair cost to sign up 5 kids, and programmes running on the same date and time. 

Although my wishlist is very demanding, I'm glad to state I have found an excellent choice: TAC Sports 2015 fall programmes!  They offer weekly sports lessons at 5 different Toronto and GTA locations.  (They also offer kid's camps, which I spoke about here and here.)  

Sports offered include soccer, tennis, martial arts, and basketball for all skill levels.  Programmes are for girls and boys ages 5-12 years old, so different aged siblings can enroll in the same sports lesson.  Each lesson only runs one hour, so there is not a big committment of time.  Lessons commence mid-September 2015.  

The best part: the kids learn new skills or build upon existing ones, have fun, meet new friends, and build self-confidence.
My Daughter at Soccer Lessons
Use PROMO CODE TAC_Snymed for 15% off of TAC Sports fall 2015 programme registrations!

More Information About TAC Sports Camps:
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TAC Sports 2015 Fall Programme Registration

E-mail TAC Sports:
Phone TAC Sports: 416-627-1092

Are your kids or grandkids active in sports?  Do you usually sign them up for fall programmes?  


  1. Both of my kids were very active in sports, both throughout the summer and the school year. The prices look reasonable and I agree, good idea to keep kids active.

  2. I would love the learn Tennis! If we lived closer we'd definitely sign the kids up for martial arts so they could burn some steam off outside of the home. I hope families take you up on the discount code, such a great deal!

  3. I am so impressed with these athletic camps! I wish they had more programs where I live, I was able to put my son in 4 sessions of Tball, but that was my only option. I would love for him to take tennis (or maybe take a lesson myself).

  4. I have heard a lot of great things about these athletic camps. I just wish there was one closer to me that offered what my girls would be interested in. Not driving really hinders my ability to get them to and from camps!

  5. I wish they had more programs where I live,with 5 kids I wonder where you find the time

  6. Sports, especially team sports, is very important as not only do they develop individual skills, but they offer a great opportunity for many life lessons such as building friendships, learning to compete fairly, punctuality, reward for effort etc.


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