Friday, May 06, 2016

Summer Is Soon: Get Adventure Valley Day Camp ($100 Discount Code)! Toronto/GTA

What Are Your Kids Doing This Summer?
How About Adventure Valley Day Camp?

It's hard to believe that summer starts next month--and with the start of summer, the end of school for two entire months!  This year more than ever, I want to have a plan to keep the kids active, engaged and social--and keep them off of electronic devices.  For those of you with the same mindset, have you considered Adventure Valley Day Camp on the border of Toronto and the GTA?  It's a camp for both boys and girls, ages 3- to 13-years old.  Camps runs from June 20th to September 2nd 2016.

Located in a private, secluded oasis just north of Leslie and Steeles, Adventure Valley has 20-acres of lush property including 9 tennis courts, soccer and sports fields, a basketball and multi-sport court, outdoor heated swimming pools, nature trails, and a large air-conditioned activity centre and clubhouse with locker rooms. Their incredible array of activities, theme days and special events will keep your children excited and entertained all summer. They also offer *lunch programmes and *bus service for your convenience (*fee services).
Give Him an Exciting Summer & Keep Him Off of Devices!
All five of my kids attended a few days of Adventure Valley's winter programme in December, and absolutely loved it!  I was thrilled that they got plenty of outdoor time, stayed active, had fun and got to meet other kids their age.  They had an absolute blast and raved about the camp!

A Social Time for Your Child
While attending Adventure Valley Day Camp, my 9-year old daughter really enjoyed baking cookies in the cooking class, making clay hearts in arts and crafts, going on nature hikes, and socializing with other girls her age.  I like that Adventure Valley had a schedule, and kept her happily busy all day long.
Friendly, Engaged, Fun, & Caring Counsellors
My 7- and 10-year old sons also loved Adventure Valley Day Camp and enjoyed archery, making clay creations, trying robotics, and especially enjoyed the nature walks (the highlight of one walk was seeing a mother coyote and pup in the distance).  My sons were really delighted to be able to spend so much time outdoors, and came home eager to discuss their day at camp.

I also felt that the my 5- and 6-year old sons were well-cared for at camp, and were supervised separately from the older children.  The Adventure Valley counsellors were awesome!

Why not register your kids for Adventure Valley Day Camp today?
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Adventure Valley on Youtube


How will your kids or grandkids be spending the summer? If you are planning on staying "at home", have you considered a summer camp like Adventure Valley?


  1. My boys would have a blast at this place and they fit in the age ranges too. I'll have to see if they have something like this in Manitoba.

  2. I wonder if my SIL has heard of Adventure day camp. I will forward this to her. My nephew would like it I think. I am with you. I keep the kids busy so they don't get too sluggish and out of routine in summer. They need activity to stay active and healthy and sane.

  3. Adventure Valley camps sound so great! They seem to be located on such a beautiful place and have so many camp options. I'm sure my kids would love them too. Thanks for the discount code, that's a huge savings!

  4. This looks like a fantastic camp! It's too easy for kids to turn into couch potatoes over the summer - they need that adventure!

  5. Wow this sure sounds like a super fun camp,my grandson would love this !

  6. OMG my boys would LOVE this place. Getting dirty is what my boys do best.


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