Thursday, March 08, 2012

2012: Year of the FREE Canadian Coupon!

Have you ever had coupon envy when watching the Extreme Couponing tv show on TLC?  Up until recently, a $700 cart full of groceries for FREE had only been possible in the USA.  Notice we said until recently.  True, we Canadians have no double coupon days and we are not allowed to stack coupons, making real savings difficult.  But we are going to discuss the savings you can achieve buy using FREE product coupons alone (FPCs).

We already blogged about the plentitude of Facebook FREE product coupon giveaways, but we did not discuss how Canadian shoppers can walk away with a shopping cart of FREE groceries.  We at SnyMed certainly have done FREE $60-$70 shoppings with regularity.  Let's talk about this now.

2012 truly is the year of the FREE Canadian coupon!  Never before have there been so many FREE coupons available--and for popular grocery items too.  It is one thing to have FREE product coupons for plug-in air fresheners, and another to have FREE coupons for milk, yogurt, cereal, bacon, bread, eggs, chicken, pies, chocolate and more!  This is what Canadians have been seeing in recent times.

This is the first year ever that marketing budgets in many Canadian companies are larger for Facebook FREE product coupon giveaways, than their budget for print advertising or direct mail.  This is an exciting trend for the cost-aware consumer, and with a bit of organization, FREE groceries can be had by all.

During Facebook giveaways, the only stipulation (usually) is that FREE product coupons are available ONE per Facebook USER.  Therefore, all family members with a Facebook account would be eligible to claim a coupon.  Unless there is a stipulation that there is only one coupon per household (read the terms and conditions).  This is the same of FREE product coupons offered elsewhere, such as on a company's consumer website.

So, how to acquire a stockpile of FREE product coupons outside of Facebook and their original source?  FREE product coupons are usually gone quickly, and many miss out.  Therefore, many coupon trading forums will allow you to trade for the coupons you need!  Common items to trade on these forums are regular discount coupons (for every product under the sun), FREE product coupons, postage stamps, iCoke codes, Disney Movie Rewards codes, Pampers codes, Huggies diapers codes--even small denomination gift cards. 

Frugal Shopper Canada and Smart Canucks are two different Canadian websites that offer active coupon trading forums.  If you look around a bit, there are many other coupon trading sites.    

So you may wonder, who would trade a FREE product coupon?  It is FREE afterall--why would someone not use it!  The answer is simple: some may not use the product in question (due to personal preference or allergies), the product may not be available in the specific geographic region, they may have duplicates of the same coupon--or they may just wish to trade it for another coupon they want more.  

Happy FREE couponing, Canada!        


  1. Awesome and informative post! I've always hated how limited Canada seemed compared to the US for couponing. But these are some great tips :) Thanks!

  2. Ive kinda quit couponing. We've jumped on the healthy bandwagon, and I find there really aren't very many coupons for healthy food items. So I rarely use coupons now.


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