Sunday, March 18, 2012

Could YOU Save a Life? David Geneen Stem Cell Drive!

David Geneen (center) with his two sons Julian & Daniel
When I first heard of the David Geneen stem cell drive in Toronto, I did not know that this father, husband and uncle was dying in my very own city.  I also did not know that with a quick and painless cheek swab, a stranger could be the match to save his life. 

Right away I got to thinking.  What if  my husband, children or I were ever in need of a stem cell donation?  We could die waiting for a stem cell match from a stranger.  For not only must a stranger be willing to donate stem cells, he or she must be a proper match for the recipient.  And a stem cell match is only found 30% of the time in a recipient's family, and 70% of the time from an absolute stranger!

After researching on the internet, I learned there are millions of willing stem cell donors worldwide (19 million), but there are only thousands in the Canadian database (3300 to be specific).  And there are 962 people across Canada looking for a stem cell match--or they will die.  Many Canadians have already died waiting for a match. 

Then I learned that David can be completely CURED by a stem cell donation.  He suffers from Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), which is totally curable if an appropriate stem cell donor is found.  My family and I decided to come forward to help David Geneen. 

That is why my family and I are taking action and joining the David Geneen stem cell drive this upcoming Sunday March 25th 2012 in Toronto.  Chances are that we will not be a match for David, but if not for David, maybe for one of the other 962 Canadians waiting for a stem cell donation (this number includes infants and toddlers).  My husband and I are going to get swabbed to see if were are a match for David.  We also plan to make a charitable donation at the time.

How can YOU help?  If you are in the Toronto area, please come by and get swabbed to see if you are a match for David Geneen.  If you are a male from 17-50 years, you are especially needed.  Also, if you are of Sephardic, Jewish, or Southeastern European decent, you could be David's match.  Regardless of gender and ethnicity, please come out to support the David Geneen stem cell drive.

Even if you are not a match for David, you could be the match of one of 962 other Canadians who will die without a stem cell donation. 

If you are not in the Toronto area, you can still be a prospective stem cell donor.  Just contact to receive a cheek swab kit mailed directly to your address.  If you are not a Canadian resident, you can still join the stem cell registry in your country.  Contact your location blood donor services for more information.

Please join the David Geneen stem cell drive on Sunday:

Date: Sunday March 25th, 2012 from 12:00-4:00pm
Location:  Holy Blossom Temple, 1950 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5P 3K9


  1. Interesting! I havent heard much on this subject before.

  2. I so enjoyed this read and thanks so much for posting about it,I love when people get involved.I pray that he finds a match.I have a disease that excludes me from donating anything.


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