Friday, June 15, 2012

Congratulations SnyMed Contest!

SnyMed has reached 1000+ followers on Twitter! WOOHOO! To celebrate, we are holding the "Congratulations SnyMed Contest"! Rules are simple, congratulate SnyMed on 1000 followers in a creative way & submit it.  The best three submissions will be selected to win prizes!  Available prizes will be Sony Entertainment prize packs or a gift card, depending on availability.

Need inspiration?  SnyMed tweets giveaways, contests, freebies, deals and more!  Our logo is the viking pig with the free pricetag.
Contest open to Canadian & US residents. Submission period up until Friday June 29th at 12:00am EST.  Winners will be announced the week of  July 2nd!

More details:  Submissions can be photos, art, collages, poems, a YouTube video, a Pinterest pin or whatever you think of!  Submission can be ultra simple, or super elaborate.

Post the submission on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, or another social media. Post the link in comments below, tweet it to @SnyMed (Twitter) or e-mail .  Videos must be posted on YouTube or a similar service and not e-mailed :)  SnyMed will post submissions on Twitter & on this blog as received.  Winning entries will be exhibited in the same way.  No nudity or profanity, thank you!

So what are you waiting for?  Say Congratulations SnyMed!


  1. Hmmm .... have an idea - now just need some time to do it.

    Congrats either way.


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