Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cypher Augmented Reality Learning Cards

Cypher Augmented Reality Learning Cards (Letters, Wild Animals & Numbers)
I've heard a lot of buzz recently from other bloggers, about the Cypher Augmented Reality learning cards.  My youngest three children are aged 4, 3 and 2-years old respectively, so I thought that they the learning cards might be the right age for my kids.  So, I went to *Wal-mart to purchase my own set of cards.  The Cypher learning cards can be found in the Electronics department, not in the toy section.  (*Available at select Wal-Mart locations.)
Cypher Learning Card Display
My son looked at the selection of Cypher Augmented Reality learning cards and decided on the "Letters" box.  The choices also included "Numbers" and "Wild Animals", but he gravitated toward this one.  It definitely was a good choice on his part, as his JK class is doing letter practise.
Cypher Alphabet Cards
When I got home from the store, I opened the Cypher learning cards and looked them over.  They are similar to playing cards, but much larger in size.  One side has a letter and corresponding image, and the rear of the cards displays a barcode of sorts and the same image as on front of the card.  I would suggest that an adult be in charge of the cards, as they do not seem to be laminated and should not get bent or wet.
The Cypher Kids Club Letters App
We downloaded the FREE Cypher Kids Club Letters app for iPad, and had no problems finding it in the Apple Store.  Thank goodness it downloaded fairly quickly, as the kids were very eager to play, er, learn!  The learning cards cannot be used unless the app is downloaded to the iPad or iPhone.
Actual View of the Cypher Kids Club Letter App
The Cypher Augmented Reality learning card app was very neat!  The app works together with the iPad camera and learning cards.  The result is 3D letters and images that really pop out.  The app features delightful little animations with 3D frogs, icecream cones, umbrellas and more.  It was also interactive so kids could participate by touching the screen and following verbal or written instructions.
A Cool Screen Shot of Icecream in the Letter "I"
My JK child really loved the Cypher Augmented reality app and the cards.  It definitely is a great learning tool!  I would suggest that parents keep the cards safe, so they are not bent (as they may no longer work).  Also, I would suggest that learning time be interactive with parent and child, as switching between letters and scanning the cards was too advanced for the target age.  Do consider this card set if you are working on letters with your child.  When the iPad is turned off, you can also use the flash cards separately.
My Son Enjoying the Cypher Augmented Reality Learning App
You can find Cypher Kids Club on Twitter or Facebook.  Check them out!

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  1. Oh how neat! I love that it's fun and educational :) Kids learn so much better when they're interested in it and can interact :)

  2. very cool! I have a couple of these for kaelyn, they are very fun!

  3. Interactive play, learning well having fun


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