Sunday, November 04, 2012

Should You Switch to Windows 8?

Laptop with Windows 8
If you are wondering whether you should switch to Windows 8, or a Windows Phone 8, have a read of my guest post on Sober Julie Doing Life!  It talks all about the new Microsoft Windows 8 system that is now integrated into touchscreen,  can act as GPS in Xbox games, and can even block out annoying phone numbers by accessing your Rogers phone services!

Have a read of the article, and let me know if you would switch over to Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8!


  1. I've made the switch last week, and I think I will be switching back to Windows 7 until some of the bugs are fixed. I have been getting some connection errors. I really do like Windows 8 though, it looks great and it is very stable for the most part. Only one "blue screen of death" in the last week.

    I really miss the old Start button though :(

    1. Brenda, Windows 8 is very visual and has a great look. There are always fixes once new software comes out. "Blue screen of death", LOL!

    2. Yes, I usually wait a while when upgrading to a new OS but I was a little too excited for Windows 8. There was more hype this time :) I think a touchscreen would make the experience a lot better. One of these days I will have one! haha.

  2. My computer came with windows 8 on it. Its so weird! I have to search for everything! Took me forever to figure out how to clean my c drive , since its not even called that in the search bar, its called free up disk space by deleting unecessary files......... but it has some really neat programs on it!

  3. I am mostly using windows 7,but the new laptop I just got is windows 8,so I looking around on a bit ..interesting


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