Sunday, January 20, 2013

Maple Leaf Monster Jam Monster Truck REVIEW!

Wrecking Crew Catching Some Serious Air!
To say that we had a good time at Maple Leaf Monster Jam in Toronto last night would be an understatement: we had a GREAT time!  And when I say GREAT time, this included our 5 young kids (2- to 7-years old), my husband and I!  I wrote about Maple Leaf Monster Jam earlier in this blog post.  

The first thing that I noticed about the show was that it was deafeningly loud, so bring earplugs for your entire family!  When I say loud, I mean louder than rock concert loud, 110-140 decibels!  (A jet engine is 140 decibels.)  Next, I noticed that there was not a bad seat in the house at the Roger's Centre.  The arena was brightly lit and each and every seat had a great view!

So why did we love the show so much?  It was just spectacular to behold: sheer testosterone mixed with adrenaline, and lots of cool Monster Truck moves!  Hearing the exhaust pipes rev up was very exciting, regardless of the noise, and it was a thrill each and every time a Monster Truck went soaring through the air after launching off a mound of dirt!  Watching cars get crushed like toys, was also pretty exciting!  And the smell of octane in the stadium made the whole experience real, and reminded us it was a real show--so much better seeing it on tv!      

The drivers at Monster Jam were very skilled and entertaining.  We were particularly impressed by Wrecking Crew driver Steve Koehler.  He caught the most air of any truck that we saw that night, and kept thrilling us as he tricked off of the central dirt mound and the mini mounds!  He kept going until his front Monster Tires were completely misaligned and warped!  Awesome!

We were really pumped to see how the Monster Trucks would break apart next, which also fostered  a wild response from the audience!  We saw Batman leaking some fluid and completely shutting down; Avenger lost its massive rear wheel; another Monster Truck flipped over upside down and had to be righted by heavy equipment, and one flipped and landed completely on the windshield!    

It was difficult to know how many of the Monster Jam demolitions had been staged and how many were genuine, but this did not matter!  Maple Leaf Monster Jam tapped into a primal part of us that harkens back to the times of the Gladiators--and the spectators who wanted to see strength mixed with sheer pandemonium, destruction and theatrics.

We were so sorry to have had to leave the event early, as our kids are too young for a late night out (was scheduled to run from 7-9:30/10pm), but my family would go back in a heartbeat!

If you haven't seen the show yet, buy your Monster Jam tickets for Canada & the US!  Great show!


  1. That looks like SO much fun! I was following everyone's tweets for #MonsterJamTO! Fun!

  2. I haven't been to one before, but I am sure that my boys would love to see them

  3. I have never been to a Monster Jam event but my nephew and his family have gone before and they loved it...they took earplugs too!

  4. What a great time it must have been! Monster Truck shows are always such a blast, especially for kids :)

  5. We went yesterday! The girls love the excitement and can't wait to see what the drivers will do with their trucks!

  6. I haven't been to one before,but it must be super fun to watch !!

  7. I wish there was something like this available where i live the grandson would love it


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