Friday, July 26, 2013

Disney's Teen Beach Movie & CONTEST (~OVER~)!

Disney's Teen Beach Movie Comes to DVD July 30th, 2013!
Does your teen or tween enjoy music and dancing?  Do you like your child to watch clean movies that are free of swearing and grown-up content?  Then check out Disney's Teen Beach Movie, coming to DVD on July 30th!  

Teen Beach Movie is about teenagers McKenzie and Brady who are enjoying a carefree summer of surfing and young love, until McKenzie must leave to go to a career-oriented high school.  Brady begs McKenzie to stay and follow her own heart.  But while McKenzie ponders the path her life should take, her surfboard glows magically--and she and Brady are transported into a surf movie called "Wet Side Story"!

Anyone Want to Play Beach Blanket Bingo?
Teen Beach Movie is quite nostalgic and a parody of surf movies of the 1960s.  All the characters are dressed in retro beach clothing, and break into song and dance at the drop of a hat.  It definitely is a feel-good movie summer movie, with musical sequences that are fun to watch.  Needless to say, by the end of the film, McKenzie decides to follow her heart--and take charge of her own life.  

Although my kids are aged 3- to 8-years old, all kids did watch the movie through to the end (both boys and girls).  My 8-year old and almost 7-year old both got the most out of the movie, although I did hear a big "yuck" at scenes in which a boy and girl were holding hands, I exchanging a kiss.  Get your copy of Teen Beach Movie on DVD July 30th, 2013!

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WINNERS: Angela M. & Leanne M.

How To Enter:
Leave a COMMENT below, stating if you've ever tried surfing OR what was the most fun way you've ever spent your summer.  Then, use the entry form below to enter the contest.  GOOD LUCK!     

WIN Disney's Teen Beach Movie on DVD! CANADA


  1. No, have never surfed. Love to camp in the summer. Guess I am a land lubber!

  2. I've never tried surfing, but I enjoy summer BBQ's with family and friends

  3. I have never surfed...but my bro goes as often as he can

  4. Never tried surfing but my most fave summer is always tons of beach time

  5. I've never tried surfing & the most fun summer I had was when I was a teenager, working at summer camp.
    My PromoSimple name is Julie G.

  6. No surfing for me. I like to swim

    Florence C

  7. I normally spend my summer in a new place every year. So, there are always numerous opportunities! I once went to Bhutan - it was the best experience ever! Lovely climate, huge mountains and great view. A person cannot want anything more than that from nature! Also, the elephant ride, camel ride and yak rides were fabulous! New experiences differ in sorts and types. I am lucky to have gone through both!

  8. nope. never tried surfing.

  9. Never tried surfing, though I'd love to one day. Best summer ever was spending 9 nights at Walt Disney World. Wish we had spent a full 2 weeks there.

  10. I have never tried surfing (yet) but will be doing some SUPing this summer!

  11. no ive never been surfing but it looks like a lot of fun.this summer I went swimming in a big pond

  12. I never tried surfing, but would love to try it!! This summer was nothing but swim,swim at my Uncles pool..

  13. I never tried surfing but when I was at my dad house I learn how to surf because my dad tote me how to surf and I was so glad when I saw teen beach movie I said to myself I won't to surf because it was all was my favorite thing to do. This summer I went surfing and I said surf up and it was so fun to me I love you teen beach movie

  14. i never got in to stuff like this but who won

    1. Hi Morgan, I just updated the winner information on the blog, sorry for the delay. Both prizes have now been claimed.


  15. hi i love mya Michelle i really want to have an ipad i live in Ethiopia adis abeba my school is sanford
    i am in 6m my name is coumba tall my email is i am 10 i love disney

  16. I love surfing its incredible I wanted to enter this contest because ever since I was a little girl iv always wanted an ipad but my parents never could get me 1 my name is majandra geary and I live in Durban-hillcreast

  17. this looks like a great family funny film thanks


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