Monday, August 12, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy Camera at Best Buy Canada: Clarity With a 21x Zoom!

Could Your Camera Take This Photo From Across a Field?
(Taken at Close Range with my Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone)

As the owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone with built-in camera, I have been very curious about the Samsung Galaxy S 16.3MP 21x Optical Zoom Digital Camera (model # EK-GC100ZWAXAC).  I love my 1-year old Samsung Galaxy S3 and find that it takes extraordinary photos for a smartphone.  In fact, all of the photos on this blog have been taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. 

Recently I have been weighing whether I should upgrade my phone to the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, or purchase a hand-held camera.  I have really wanted to take more shots from a distance, but my camera phone does have it's limitations.  It always seems that I'm trying to take photos of the kids at sporting events, but my photos degrade with distance.  That's why I decided to look into the Samsung Galaxy S 16.3MP 21x Optical Zoom Digital Camera.  Simply stated, I wanted a camera with greater zoom, better clarity and ability to share my photos on social media.     
Best Buy Canada Sells the Samsung Galaxy EK-GC100 Camera
Starting my research online, I typed in the camera name and the Best Buy store was one of the first to pop up.  Clicking through, I noticed the Samsung Galaxy Camera features the same menu that I have (and enjoy) on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.  This was a bonus for me, as I love the Galaxy S3 menu, and find that it's very easy to use!

Next, I looked for reviews on the Samsung Galaxy Camera (model #EK-GC100).  Right away it pulled up a 4.5/5 star review on the Samsung website, so I read all of the 17 reviews.  The reviewers had great things to say about the camera, such as it was lightweight, simple to use, took beautiful photos, and that it easily integrated with social media.  Perfect!  Exactly what I look for as a mother, blogger, and (amateur) photographer!

The Samsung Galaxy Camera Had Favourable Online Reviews
The biggest downside listed about the camera was the pricepoint (it's $599.99).  This point did not concern me, as the other cameras I was looking at were at about the same pricepoint.  

I wondered how far I could zoom in with the Samsung Galaxy Camera without having it lose its clarity?  Would a 21x zoom meant that I could take photos of my kids from across my backyard--or from across an entire sports field?  To answer my own question, I decided to go into my local Best Buy to try out the Samsung Galaxy camera.  I also wanted to check out the competition, and see the similar cameras that were available for purchase.  I was already heading to the mall to do some back-to-school shopping with the kids over the weekend, so I decided to check out the camera during the same trip.

My Local Best Buy Canada Has an Extensive Camera Section
I decided to let daddy tend to the kids, so I could properly shop the cameras at Best Buy Canada.  It was important to me to be able to shop uninterrupted and facilitate a proper comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Camera and its competition.

Samsung's Giant Interactive Display at Best Buy Canada
The Samsung Galaxy S 16.3 Megapixel Camera
The Samsung Galaxy Camera was powered on and ready to test at Best Buy Canada.  I noticed with pleasure that the Samsung interactive display had a "help" button to call over an associate had I had any questions.  There were plenty of staff on hand in the camera section, so I never needed to push the button.

Looking at the Samsung Galaxy Camera, it was priced the same as its online price ($599.99).  This is the kind of consistency that I appreciate!  I compared the product specifications to the online specifications, and I confirmed that this was the same model I wanted to test out.  This comparison is very important to do, as "camera alley" has many identical makes, but different model numbers!

The Samsung Galaxy Camera's Menu Is Almost Identical to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone!
Once I powered on the Samsung Galaxy Camera, I noticed what was one of my initial observations when viewing it online: the camera featured almost the identical menu as my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone!  To me, not only was there no learning curve with this menu, but it was extremely easy to use.  Just as my S3 phone, the screen was also a touch-screen interface.  The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Camera was massive and measured a whopping 4.8" wide!
Samsung Galaxy Camera Is GREAT For Sharing on Social Media!
Just like my Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, its camera counterpart has amazing Social Media sharing features.  With it's Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, I could share photos instantly via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +.  In addition, I could e-mail photos effortlessly via Gmail or other e-mail service.  I was very impressed with all these social sharing options on the Samsung Galaxy Camera!

How Much Zoom? The Samsung Galaxy Camera Features 21x Optical Zoom!
Next, I was dazzled by the Samsung Galaxy Camera's 21x optical zoom!  I had wondered how far really I could snap clear photos with the camera's zoom?  My question was quickly answered when I was able to take clear photos of a pricetag all the way across the Best Buy Canada store!  My at-home application for this feature would be taking photos of my kids at sporting or school concert events, without having to get really up close!
Comparing Nikon Cameras to the Samsung Galaxy Camera
I headed over to camera alley to check out which camera would be comparable to the 16.3 megapixel, 21x optical zoom of the Samsung Galaxy Camera.  At $599.99, the Nikon J3 was priced the same, although the Nikon had less megapixels at 14.2 MP.  The Nikon J3 also had a much smaller display screen (3" as opposed to Samsung's massive 4.8" touchscreen).  The J3 did have a greater zoom capacity, but had no option whatsoever to share photos on Social Media.

Although the Nikon D5100 DSLR was priced at $499.99, it's important to note that it did NOT include the camera lens (cost was $530.00 with lens).  Both the Nikon D5100 and Samsung Galaxy had similar megapixels (Samsung's 16.3 MP vs. Nikon's 16.2 MP).  Once again, the Nikon had a much smaller display than the Samsung, and offered no option for Social Media sharing.    

The Samsung Galaxy Camera Is THE Choice For Social Media Sharing!
After reviewing the Camera selections at Best Buy Canada, I believe that the Samsung Galaxy Camera is a great choice for the photographer looking for a competive price, reasonable amount of megapixels (16.3MP), and a very decent optical zoom (21x).  HOWEVER, no other cameras that I critiqued in the $599.99 or less pricerange--except for the Samsung Galaxy Camera--allowed direct Social Media Sharing via the actual camera.  The Samsung Galaxy Camera was unique with its Wi-Fi and 3G/4G capabilities.

Therefore, I would recommend the Samsung Galaxy Camera as THE Choice for Social Media photosharing.

See my Google+ Album for More Photos of my Samsung Galaxy Camera Shop at Best Buy Canada!

What camera are you currently using?  What's on your wishlist when it comes to a camera: social media sharing, more zoom, more clarity, or other?


  1. That is so awesome that the camera is a smart phone! I totally want one as I only use my phone for a camera!

    1. Jennifer, thank goodness that the quality of smartphone cameras are getting better all the time. My very first camera with built-in camera took the fuzziest photos!

  2. WOW that is amazing clarity. I am really bummed that my brand new Samsung Camera was stolen. My daughter took it to Ecuador with her and some one nipped it from her purse. I only got it when I went to #SoFabCon Conference in June so I am very sad. Great pictures!

    1. Margarita, that is so unfair! Our camera was lost during our honeymoon, and with it all our photos. Our own fault for losing it, though.

  3. I love that you can get a high-quality camera that does photo sharing now! Most of the time, I just take photos with my phone because it's easier and quicker to share and my camera doesn't have these features. Thanks for doing a comprehensive look at this camera ... we are in the market for one.

    1. Julie, I'm wondering if smartphones will even get SLR quality lenses and zooms! Wouldn't that be the bomb!

  4. I don't use my digital camera as often anymore because like you I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. But I have starting thinking about maybe getting a DSLR...

    1. Katie, were you thinking a DSLR for macro photography?

  5. I am a huge techie when it comes to phones and tablets. And cameras of course, I find that Apple takes amazing pictures and Samsung comes after. I own 3 Samsung phones and 1 Samsung tablet, mind you, they are superb. I love how far we've come!

    1. Nancy, do you have the most recent iPhone? I've compared my hubby's iPhone camera to my Samsung camera, and I find the Samsung photos superior. However, I find the iPhone superior to our iPad 2...the images are very grainy.

  6. That camera really looks fantastic. I'm in the market for a new one and you've convinced me! It has all of the qualities I need.

    1. Cyn, the clarity of the Samsung Galaxy Camera is superb. It's amazing to zoom in 21x and still see that clarity.

  7. Wow! What an amazing shot that is. IT looks like a great camera. Still a bit out of our price range, but will keep my eye on this camera in case the price drops one day.

  8. Wow!! I just love this camera. Just to bad we just recently bought a new camera (maybe a year ago) for around that same price point, can't afford to go out and spend that kind of money again. We are getting new Smartphones in a few months, and are really leaning towards the the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the S4 (will have to wait a bit longer for this phone). I am just so impressed with how the camera is so similar to the phone.


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