Saturday, September 28, 2013

NEW Thomas and Friends Toys & DVDs from Fisher-Price! (Christmas Shopping)

My Son Enjoying an Evening of Thomas!
My youngest child is a Thomas and Friends fan through and through: he has Thomas clothing and pjs, Thomas books, Thomas trains and Thomas DVDs!  For his third birthday party this year, he had a Thomas train cake and a Thomas-themed birthday party.  For Halloween 2013, my son has asked to dress up in a Thomas costume too!  Yes, Thomas and Friends has touched my son's heart and it is such a sweet stage in his life that I love being part of.

Now that my four other children are in school during the day, my youngest son and I have been enjoying lots of one-on-one time together.  Each morning we enjoy the outdoors together and play at the playground, visit wildlife at the local pond, walk nature trails, and play Thomas trains together!  I try to take my cue from my son and let him decide what he would like to do each day, and then make it special for him.  It's easy to see that my son is savouring our one-on-one time together as much as I am.
A Typical Day With My Son
Evenings are family time in my household most nights, starting with dinner, homework and bathtime.  When the nightly chores are completed, we create crafts together or relax with a family-friendly film.  During craft time, it's the perfect opportunity to chat and get caught up with the older kids' lives.  Some of the crafts we have created recently include a pirate ship in a bottle, and the kids have worked for weeks already to create Halloween decorations (spiders, cobwebs, gravestones, little ghosts, and more)!

One of my favourite adages is "the family that plays together, stays together", and this would be a good label to describe my family!  It takes some coordinating to get the 7 of us all together, but it's well worth it!
NEW ON DVD! Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway, The Movie
If you have a Thomas fan in your household, you'll be interested to know that Fisher-Price's Thomas & Friends has just come out with a brand new DVD and two great new Thomas toys--a great way to relax and interact with your little one!  Read on to hear about the new Thomas DVD and toys!  

The new Thomas DVD is called Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway, The Movie, and it's available right now for purchase instore!  The DVD is in English, but also comes in French.

A very special guest has arrived in Sodor with a BIG surprise and important jobs for Thomas, Percy and James!  While the engines meet new friends, they also discover a knight's armour, a shield with a coat of arms, and wonderful tales of long-ago heroes.  When their new friend Stephen goes missing, their bravery is put to the test.  Can the engines solve the Island of Sodor's biggest mystery?  Watch Fisher-Price's Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway, The Movie to find out!

The film is toddler-friendly and perfect for family movie night!    

NEW Fisher-Price Take-n-Play Thomas' Adventure Castle Playset!
The NEW Thomas & Friends: Take-n-Play Thomas' Adventure Castle Playset is a great way to join your preschooler for some exciting cause-and-effect playtime together!  Inspired by the Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway, The Movie DVD, The Troublesome Truck and Thomas race down the spiral track of Ulfstead Castle, unfurling flags and revealing an amazing treasure!

Includes a die-cast Thomas engine, Troublesome Truck and two more play pieces.  The playset is portable (folds up) for on-the-go play and storage!  Ages 3 years +.

NEW Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends: Trackmaster Castle Quest Playset!
Also inspired by the Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway, The Movie DVD, the NEW Thomas & Friends: Trackmaster Castle Quest Playset relives Thomas's journey for the missing King's crown!  You and your child can enjoy hours of fun together as Thomas powers himself around the track, navigates the crumbling castle grounds, and emerges with the prize!  Swing the crane over to replace the missing track piece, and help Thomas on his journey!  And better be quick: race through the castle before the gate drops down!  Finally, descend into the abandoned mine and rescue the crown!

Thomas features a motorized engine and requires 1 AA battery (not included).  For ages 3 years +.

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Toys & DVD Make Great Christmas Gifts!
"Thomas & Friends give children and families a time and place to slow down, share, imagine stories, and make new friends. They deliver messages about important values through imaginative, relatable storytelling and characters… and always in the friendliest, most engaging ways!"  The wonderful Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends toys and DVD mentioned in this blog post can be purchased now, and stored away for Christmas!  Ages 3 years + (due to small parts).

Disclosure: I am part of the Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Do you have a Thomas & Friends fan in your household?  Would you child enjoy the NEW Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends DVD or the brand new Thomas playsets?


  1. My son LOVES Thomas and is obsessed with trains! What a great giveaway thank you! :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Kristen! Just to clarify, this is not a giveaway.

  2. My son LOVES Thomas! He watches it all the time on Netflix :)

  3. We were lucky enough to watching King of the Railways and my son loved the movie. He has even asked for it on DVD, so maybe I can knock that off his stocking stuffer list!

  4. My Nephew would love all of these! He loves Thomas The Train stuff!

  5. My nephew loves Thomas! We will definitely be getting him something Thomas related for Christmas. Glad to hear that you and your son are enjoying your one on one time together :) (Judy Cowan)

  6. My daughter is a huge fan of thomas right now.

  7. We've tried both of the toys and they are great. That adventure castle is really cool and I can see that it will be on a lot of Christmas shopping lists this year!

  8. When DS4 was 2 it was all Thomas all the time! I am sure the kids would love to play with these new toys!

  9. Not sure if my comment went through? The kids would love to see the new Thomas lines from FP. Especially DS4.

  10. Now that's a railway track and it would keep many tiny members of my family very busy for a while! Thanks

    Anne Taylor

  11. Oh my goodness! My youngest would go crazy for all of this Thomas stuff!

  12. All three of my children were big fans of Thomas the Tank. (I am too) Now, I've got young nieces and nephews who are new fans - this is a great holiday gifting idea.

  13. I loved watching Shining Time Station when I was a kid (which they don't have on tv anymore). I'll put Thomas on once in a while for my 6.5 month old son, and he seems to be interested in it for a period of time :)

  14. Kaelyn is obsessed with thomas right now, im thinking a poosible xmas gift this year.


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