Tuesday, October 08, 2013

When Infant Bathtime Becomes Playtime! (Johnson's® Natural® Baby Products)

Infant Bathtime Helps Your Baby Relax
There's something pretty wonderful about putting a clean infant into fresh jammies, giving him his nighttime feeding, warming him in a flannel blanket, and snuggling him with that new baby scent--as he drifts off into a happy slumber.   Oh, how I love holding that soft soft warm bundle of a baby!

I fondly remember bathtime with my 4th child: he was so nice and plump that he had rolls of fat at the very top of his leg.  Pinch pinch pinch (of course in the most gentle, playful way)!  As the mom of 5 children, infant bathtime never became tired--although I was definitely tired after bathing 5 children in a row!  However, being well-prepared always ensured that the bathtime experience went as smoothly as possible.

At infant bathtime, I always filled a small plastic baby bathtub with warm water that I tested at least twice.  I would carry it to my bed and place it on top of an absorbent towel.  My room was always heated beforehand, and never chilly.  I had washcloths, baby shampoo, bodywash, and a hooded towel ready and within easy reach.  At a splash-proof distance away, I also had clean jammies, a fresh diaper, wipes, baby lotion, and antibiotic ointment for baby's umbilical cord.

My secret to a better night's sleep for babies (and their parents!) is to never skip bathtime, unless the circumstances are extraordinary.  Bathtime relaxed my babies, warmed them up, helped with their digestion, and settled them down by bedtime.  Of course, the intimacy and one-and-one time between parent and child is invaluable.
Bathtime Is Playtime
As my babies moved out of the newborn stage, bathtime became more about playtime then about just getting clean.  I added rubber duckies, cups, funnels and other water toys to the bathtub to engage and delight my kids.  While the kids played, it became easier for me to wash them as they were busy at play.  This was the age that they started to object when bathtime was over, as they wanted to stayin the water and have fun!
Night Time Sippies and Bottles at Our House
With 5 kids 5-years old and under, our bedtime routine was a bit unbelievable when I look back now.  If you look at the photo of all the sippy cups, above, these were the amount of sippy cups that we had to fill for 4 kids just to make it through the night!  All of my kids went through a super-thirsty phase in which they would only drink milk during the night, and rejected water!  (Thank goodness they grew out of this!)

The photo does not show how many bottles me needed to prepare for nightime, which would have been about 5-7 bottles!  Yes, we were always washing sippies and bottles!
Have you heard that JOHNSON’S®NATURAL® baby products are paraben-free, dye-free and phthalate-free?  Even better, they have also improved the line!  With over 100 years of baby care knowledge behind them, parents can feel confident that JOHNSON’S® will be gentle on baby’s skin.  And JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® baby products are also made from 97-99% naturally-derived ingredients!

Do you have an infant or are you expecting?  
JOHNSON’S® NATURAL products are perfect for a newborn's sensitive skin!  Try  JOHNSON’S® NATURAL baby shampoo, JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® HEADTOTOE® baby wash, and JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® baby lotion.  (These are also great baby shower gift ideas for new or expecting parents!)

Visit the JOHNSON’S® Baby page on the BabyCentre website, or visit JOHNSON’S® Baby Canada on Facebook!  

What's your favourite part of the baby stage?  What is/was your biggest challenge in the baby stage? 

Disclosure – I am participating in the JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® Blogger Campaign by Mom Central Canada on behalf of JOHNSON’S® NATURAL®.  I receive compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion.  The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. My kids went through that super thirsty phase too. It is great when you have a fool proof routine down. I have four children and it is important. I loved baby cuddles. as my children grew I found having another got easier and easier

  2. Aww, so cute! I love the new Johnson's Naturals line; it's such a great extension of the original Johnson's line!

  3. My girls have grown out of the bathing stage, and have moved on to showering.. but occasionally, they like to still hop into a bath. These products look great, and i'm sure they'd love them.

  4. My heart just exploded. Bath time was such a special time when my girls were young. Too cute.

  5. The top pic of the baby is so adorable! Bathtime certainly was fun time for a couple years. I can't imagine having 5 kids 5 and under though......

    Anne Taylor

  6. What I put on my child's skin is very important. I need to check this out!

  7. i love johnsons products! especially the sleepytime lotion

  8. I am calling you supermom! 5 Kids under 5!! That's crazy! We have always been a JNJ fan in our house since day one. We go through waves during bath time at my house. We go through a period of YAY it's bath time to NO NO NO bath time and back again.

  9. love the baby photo. I've always loved the Johnson's baby products, especially the powder such a glorious aroma, definitely all baby - I still buy it for using inside rubber gloves ;-)

  10. Adorable children Jenn, you can be proud of them

  11. I love the new Johnson's Naturals line,Oh the fun your home must have with 5 children.Enjoy they grow so fast.


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