Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Imaginext Rescue City Center with Ed Venture & CONTEST!

The Imaginext Rescue City Center !
The last 2.5 years of my son's life have been spent with one favourite past time: playing cars with me!  Why he thinks that his mom is more fun to play with than his 3 brothers or 1 sister, I'll never know.  But we play cars together and do so daily.  Two scenarios that my 4-year old son loves to play out include: cars running out of gas and needing help getting refueled, or cars having "broken" tires and needing help from a tow truck.  My son is also fanatical that we know all the "names" of his cars, and we refer to each by his or her name!

My boys were elated when the Imaginext Rescue City Center arrived at our house!  It's a playset with a firetruck, 2 action figures, and lots of accessories for the town and the rescue guys.  The Center features flashing lights, siren sounds, and recorded fire fighter and police dispatcher phrases!  The boys were very impressed, and I'm sad to say that there were tears and a "biting" incident over it--but everyone's okay!  We played with it for HOURS after it arrived, and then for HOURS the next morning.  My 4-year old was crazy about rushing over with the fire engine to put out the "fire" in the hotel!
Engrossed in Play: The Boys With The Imaginext Rescue City Center!
More Features of the Imaginext Rescue City Center!
  • Gas station with gas pump, Bank with switch-activated vault and barred door, Hotel with jewelry store (with switch-activated "flames" that can be extinguished), Police Station with switch-activated jail, and Hospital with revolving door and elevator (includes x-ray machine and gurney)!
  • Fire Station with flashing lights and switch-activated door for fire truck!  Fire truck activated voice communication ("ActionTech" Technology) between truck and station which broadcasts dispatcher information to the truck.  Firetruck can extinguish "flames" with shooting projectiles!
See my three youngest boys playing with the Imaginext Rescue City Center, in the Vine VIDEO below!

Imaginext has just introduced new Ed Venture content, including Ed as a fireman (in the Imaginext Rescue City Center), dino warrior, and a knight!  Imaginext's vision is "to empower and inspire kids through imaginative play that helps them build confidence, solve problems and discover who they are".  Imaginext also prides themselves on providing "preschool appropriate entry into the exciting world of action and adventure play!"

Imaginext is very pleased to have launched an Imaginext kid-directed and parent-directed site!  There you can watch a 22-minutes pilot video based on the Imaginext castle theme to introduce Ed Venture, his friends and their adventures!  This free episode is action-packed and worth checking out!  By the way, Imaginext is by Fisher-Price!

Have you visited the new Imaginext CONTEST microsite?  Play an online game by solving clues and unlock the next phase of the game.  Win the game by solving all 9 clues and be entered to WIN 1 of 5 $300 Imaginext prize packs!   Each prize pack includes the following: Imaginext Rescue City CentreImaginext Mega ApatasaurusImaginext Eagle Talon Castle and Imaginext Batcave!  Contest open to Canada, ends December 13th.  See Rules and Regulations.  GOOD LUCK!

What is your child's or grand-child's obsession (ie: cars, princesses, dragons, pirates, fairies, etc)?  What is he or she asking for Christmas this year, and do you think that he or she would love an Imaginext playset like the one mentioned above?  

Disclosure: I am part of the Fisher-Price Imaginext Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. What a awesome playcentre! Kaelyn would have blast playing with this!

  2. This is a great little City Centre, I think even my little girls would enjoy it. Looks like your boys loved it.

  3. My daughter is nine and she loves Imaginext! We enocurage creative play that is not gender specific so I absolutelyt enocurage her playing with this. She loves to pretend she is rescuing things and people. I will check the game and site out. Thanks for the contest details too!

  4. This may actually be the toy that would keep my son's attention for longer than 3 mins, thanks for the great gift idea!

  5. I have just found out about these toys! And they look so fun! I think I am going to buy one for my almost 4 year old for his upcoming birthday!

  6. I love this toy! What a great Christmas gift for a little one!

  7. this will be a wonderful bday gift for my 4 year old! my son is the same way as your, his best buddy for racing cars is mom.

  8. i love this toy! it'll be great for my son's birthday. my son loves to hang out and play cars with me too:) i think they love the undivided attention from mom.

  9. my boys obsession is bad guys and nights. They have asked for bad guy houses and bad guys for christmas.. lol


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