Monday, December 23, 2013

Shaw Communications Offers Free Treehouse & YTV Apps for Treehouse & YTV Subscribers!

Shaw Communications FREE YTV App!
Shaw Communications just introduced FREE Shaw Go YTV and FREE Shaw Go Treehouse apps, for Shaw customers who currently subscribe to YTV and Treehouse channels!  If you are a parent with a smartphone or tablet, this service is sure to be appreciated when you need to entertain bored kids in the car, or while sitting in a doctor's waiting room.  These two Shaw Go apps are value-added services offered to customers, and they're a watch-on-demand service with kid-only content.

Shaw Communications FREE Treehouse App!
My kids and I recently tried the Shaw Go YTV and Shaw Go Treehouse apps to see how well they performed and entertained.  First, we downloaded the Shaw Go YTV app, followed by the Shaw Go Treehouse app.  Both apps were quick and easy to download, and of course free!  The apps were available in iOS or Android, and we downloaded both to try on our tablets and smartphones.

First, we logged into the Go Shaw Treehouse app using our Shaw credentials and we were ready to go!  (There was an option to register for Shaw e-mail, if we weren't set up yet.)  The login was identical on the Go Shaw YTV app.
We Easily Logged Into Go Shaw Treehouse App With Our Customer Centre ID
After signing into our Shaw Go Treehouse account, we were ready to be entertained!  My 3-year old had a big smile on his face when he saw all his favourite characters on the bright, colourful Shaw Go Treehouse app!  There was a tutorial when the app was first initialized, but it was really quite an intuitive app, and my child and I figured it out very quickly.  

In a nutshell, your child just touches the picture of the tv show that he or she wants to see (ie: Dora, Caillou, Bob the Builder etc), then the available tv episodes appear beneath--and your child clicks to play said episode.  My 3-year old was able to switch between shows without my assistance, due to the simple pictorial nature of the app which did not require any reading.

As of press time, the Shaw Go Treehouse app had the following shows: Thomas & Friends, Toopy & Binoo, Waybuloo, Wonder Pets, The Wot Wots, Zigby, Are We There Yet, Babar and the Adventures of Baclou, The Backyardigans, Big and Small, Bob the Builder, Bubble Guppies, Caillou, Care Bears Welcome to Care A Lot, Dora the Explorer, Fireman Sam, Franklin and Friends, The Fresh Beat Band, Guess Wth Jess, Max & Ruby, Mike the Knight, My Big Big Friend, Ni Hao Kai Lan, Octonauts, Peppa Pig, Roll Play, and Team Umizoomi. 
The Shaw Go Treehouse App Is Pictorial and  Easy to Use
Next, my older kids and I tried out the Shaw Go YTV app on both tablet and smartphone.  It was just as easy to navigate as the Shaw Go Treehouse app.  When the kids saw which shows were currently available on the app, they were very pleased: iCarly, Spongebob Squarepants, and Pokemon are some of my older kids' favourite tv shows.  As of press time, we counted 25 different tv series offered via the Shaw Go YTV app.

Again, the app was very easy to navigate, also with a pictorial format that did not require reading in most cases.  Just as there was with the Shaw Go Treehouse app, there was a tutorial at the beginning that showed how to work the app (if in doubt).
The Shaw Go YTV and Go Treehouse Apps Offer an Easy Tutorial
If you are a parent who wishes to control your child's content, the Shaw Go YTV app offers a Parental Control area.  It's password protected, and allows you to choose content that is appropriate for your child.
Shaw Go YTV Features a Parental Control Panel
After having parent tested (and kid tested!) the Shaw Go Treehouse and Shaw Go YTV apps, I can state that it's a great free service that Shaw is currently offering to YTV and Treehouse subscribers.  As a parent, I'm always delighted when a free tool is offered that will make my life easier, or bring joy to my kids.

Shaw has noted that they will be adding more episodes to their current library, which I fully support.  As of press times, the Shaw Go Treehouse and YTV apps feature on average 2 to 5 episodes of each tv series, and I think that by offering more episodes, the Shaw Go service will become like a mini (free) Netflix.
FREE Shaw Go YTV & Shaw Go Treehouse TV Apps*!
*for existing Shaw YTV and Treehouse subscribers
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* both apps require Shaw YTV and Treehouse subscriptions to login

Are you a currently Shaw subscriber with YTV and Treehouse channels?  Have you registered yet for the free Shaw Go YTV and/or free Shaw Go Treehouse apps?  Non-Shaw customers, what is your impression of the free Shaw Go YTV and Shaw Go Treehouse apps?


  1. I really need to check Shaw out soon. This is excellent. I love that Treehouse is on here and that the 3 year old can easily negotiate the app. Very clever.

  2. We love Shaw and Treehouse. Great app!

  3. My boys love Treehouse! Would be great to have the app when we travel.

  4. I'm not a subscriber but, my kids would LOOOOVE this. :) WOW.

  5. Wow, that is a great perk! Unfortunately I'm not currently a Shaw subscriber ... but this is really good to know because I know that my kids would LOVE these apps! (Treehouse has amazing programs!)

  6. wow this is awesome! Unfortunatly im with netflix.

  7. This is a great app that will help busy Mom's on the go.

  8. Shaw Go sounds like a good app to have on the go. We are not Shaw subscribers, but we do have YTV and Treehouse.

  9. what a wonderful app thank you for the info

  10. I did not know that Shaw offered this! What a great app. My son loves Treehouse!


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