Monday, January 20, 2014

FREE Digimon Printable Activity Sheets, Digimon Fusion Show & New Toys!

Showing Off His Brother's Digimon Books
This year for Christmas, my 5-year old son decided that he wanted Digimon books more than anything else.  I'm not sure when he developped a love for Digimon, but I suspect that it was from a Digimon book that he purchased at a garage sale--and he just took to it.  

Unfortunately, I went on kind of a wild goose hunt looking for Digimon books in time for Christmas, as most were printed in the year 2000 and out of stock!  Needless to say, there were none for purchase on eBay, Amazon, or Chapters.  There were also none for sale on Craigslist.  But on Kijiji, I got lucky and I found a parent selling her son's Digimon and Pokemon book collection, so I snapped up the lot! 

Great news for Digimon fans: all-new episodes of Digimon Fusion will return to YTV on Monday February 28th, 2014 at 7:30 am EST!  I know that my son will be delighted, as our Netflix service currently runs a non-English version of Digimon.  

See VIDEO, below, for an exclusive clip of the winter premiere episode debuting in February!

My kids were thrilled when our friends at Saban Brands sent over a Digimon care package, which is one of the perks of being a Saban Brandbassador!  As I mentioned earlier, Digimon paraphernalia can sometimes be hard to come by.  My 5-year old was especially excited, and began to cheer quite enthusiastically when he saw the Digimon swag!
Our Digimon Swag
What especially caught my son's interest, was the NEW DigiFusion toy figure that he received.  His eyes lit up when he got the Mail Birdramon action figure!  The toy allows kids to replicate the DigiFusions that Mikey creates in the Digimon series--and even create their own unique combinations.  Kids can collect the toys, fuse multiple toys together and battle their DigiFusions together!

New Digimon Digifusion Toys by Bandai
If we purchase Greymon and combine it with my son's Mail Birdramon, the toy becomes Metal Greymon!  Similarly, you can make a Shoutmon x 4 by combining the Ballistamon, Shoutmon, and Dorulmon figures.

The toy also comes with a touch through technology card, which can be placed on the Fusion Loader app for smartphones or touch devices.

Purchase the DigiFusion toys mid-February at Toys R Us, Walmart, Target and for $8.99!
 A NEW DigiFusion Toy: Mail Birdramon Figure Shown
The kids also had a great time with some fun Digimon Fusion printables.  I'm going to link to the FREE Digimon printables below, as I know how rare it is to find Digimon materials.  The printable Digimon activity sheet is comprised of 12 pages of coloring sheets, connect-the-dots activities, paint by numbers challenges, and a spot the differences puzzle!
Click Image to Download FREE Digimon Fusion Printable Activity Book!
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Does your child or grandchild know the Digimon animated television series?  Does your child collect any action figures or toys from a movie or tv series?  


  1. My son got into those when he was younger.. He would play for hours.

  2. Awesome Digimon swag! Looks like the kids are having fun! Thanks for the freebie. I could use that for my little cousin :-)

  3. Digimon is so much fun! My son used the love it. Such a fun show and he loved to play with the toys also. So sad that he has already grown so much...

  4. Your kids lucked out getting you for their Mom.... you scored for them :)

  5. We are not at the Digimon stage yet... boys are still a little too young, but love the printable colouring sheets to keep kids entertained

  6. My nephew would love those.

    Michelle F.

  7. Looks like your little one sure is happy. I had a girl, so I never really got into all of these little guys.

  8. My son doesn't know Digimon, but my brothers do. They're too old for these activity sheets but they'd probably enjoy working on them with my son!

  9. I see it's so much fun in the house with your boys and their many games around :) Mine is full of dolls and plush toys, girly stuff :)

  10. looks like your little guy is enjoying it! My kids have no idea what digimon is yet... they are into so many other things, I may just let this one slip by until they discover it from friends!

  11. It seems like everything comes back eventually! I remember when Digimon was the biggest thing at the girls's school.

  12. My husband loves anime and our 5 year old daughter is into it already. I'm sure that my 18 month old son will inherit his daddy's love for it too. :)

  13. Looks like a fun show. Don;t think my daughter has seen it yet.

  14. omg Digimon!!! I remember the original Digimon series fondly. Those were the days. Lucky you for tracking down some Digimon items!

  15. thankfully no one here likes digimon yet. But my youngest hs recently got quite into power rangers.....

  16. Looks like the kids are having lots of fun,thanks for the sheets


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