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Great Mother's Day Gift For That Inspiring Mom: SodaStream Drink Maker!

My Mom at Walt Disney World (2012)
I wrote a bit about my mom's story last year, and how she has inspired me over the years.  My mom wed as a teenager and had my brother also in her teen years.  I can't imagine how hard it would've been to have had a baby at 18-years old, but my mom managed--and then added me to the family in her early twenties.  

When I was in grade one, my mom decided to enter the workforce and earn a bit of money.  She started out as a receptionist in a dental office, and eventually had a thirst to become a dental assistant.  Not only did she become a dental assistant, but she decided later on to apply to dental hygiene school - where she was accepted!  With a family of four to care for, she put herself through school and graduated as a dental hygienist!  That was about 20 years ago and her career is still going strong today!

When I think of my mom's story, it teaches me that most goals are attainable with hard work and motivation.  There are no shortcuts to success, and it must be toiled for.  I follow these same ethics and try to instill these same lessons in my children.  My mother's story has inspired me to set higher goals for myself and reach farther.
Mom's Choice: SodaStream's Pink Grapefruit Flavour
This year we're going to have a wonderful Mother's Day luncheon at my mom and dad's home.  It's a great place to gather together the kids' two grandmas, great-grandmother, and mother.  I love the energy, as all the young cousins gather and descend on the house with sheer exuberance!

To celebrate Mother's Day, my mom, sister-in-law and I will be visiting a quaint country spa.  It will be such a treat to have a little quiet time to myself, and be able to visit with these two fantastic women!  Throw in a luxurious massage, a swim in the pool, and a light lunch--and it will be an experience that I don't often get to enjoy as the mom of 5 young kids!
SodaStream: A Great Mother's Day Gift!
Available in multiple colours
Last month I spoke of the fun and stylish SodaStream Drink Maker, which I think is a great gift idea for Mother's Day!  The SodaStream Drink Maker transforms ordinary tap water into a sparkling drink in  seconds, and offers over 30 mouth-smacking flavours from which to choose!
I like that with SodaStream, each family member can customize what goes into every drink: more or less carbonation--or more or less sweetness.  And according to SodaStream their flavours contain less calories, sugar and carbs than traditional sparkling beverages.  

One SodaStream bottle can replace 2000 bottles and cans, which is great for the environment.  And it still stuns me that almost one billion regular bottles are manufactured daily--and 800 million of these end up in landfills!

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Miss it last time?  Check out my VIDEO, below, that shows how to operate the SodaStream!  It's so easy!

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Did your mom--or another positive role model--inspire you in an important way?  How are you celebrating Mother's Day this year?Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with SodaStream Canada and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. I can tell you I would not mind one at all for Mother's Day. I would love to mix and match flavors.

  2. Looks great! My mom is a really selfless person, she really would not want much money spent on her, and would much rather have something from the heart. For this mothers day, my daughter will be with her daddy, so I will only have two kiddos, and we are going to spend the day with grandma!

  3. Sounds like you have an amazing mom, Jenna :) And she's beautiful too! She obviously did an amazing job, despite her circumstances - what a strong lady! Sounds like you are all going to have a wonderful Mother's Day! Great way to spend it. I love Soda Stream. Tried one out for the first time at a friend's place recently and got to try a couple of varieties. Love how everyone can pick their own flavour of drink :)

  4. that is an incredibly inspiring story! I can't imagine how hard that would have been! you have a great role model there! and that pink grapefruit looks great, now I want some!

  5. My mom inspired/inspires me. We lost my dad when my bro and I were teenagers, and she managed to keep getting out of bed every day, with a smile on her face for my brother and I. We didn't always make it easy for her, but she never greeted us without her smile. She always was and still is a huge supporter of ours in whatever we do.

  6. My mom was always an inspiration to me, and still is. Even after we lost my dad (when my bro and I were teens) she still got out of bed every morning with a smile on her face and positivity for us.

  7. i so would love to get one of these for my husband, maybe for Father's Day!

  8. We love our Soda Stream. It would make a great mother's day present

  9. Soda Stream would make a GREAT Mother's Day present (maybe I should show my husband this comment ;) )

  10. I love my Soda Stream. It makes such delicious sodas and so economically. If my mother were alive she would love one.

  11. My foster mom is such an inspiration for me. Especially since the murder of her birth daughter/my foster sister. Her faith has been so strong. Not sure how I am celebrating Mother's day. I have been TTC for 8+ years and have had one miscarriage. I just pray I am not a mess that day. I usually stay in bed and cry, lol. In a couple years I will be doing foster parenting like my foster mom. She inspired me so much, that I want to pay it forward!

  12. Your mom sounds like an amazing women and what an inspiration for you and your brother! Your trip with your mom and SIL to a spa sounds like a wonderful getaway!
    I think a Soda Stream would be a perfect gift for just about any occasion, thanks for the great idea.

  13. Your mama is so cute! She sounds like a wonderful mom. My mom is pretty amazing in her own way too. She is always putting us before herself and she never ask for anything in return. Whenever her grandkids or I ask for her famous rosette cookies, she would not hesitate to whip up a batch no matter how time consuming it is to make them.
    The Soda Stream is such a great gift! I'm itching for one too!

  14. You mom looks awesome and that's quite the inspirational story!

    I somehow ended up celebrating Mother's Day with BF's family. But all is good, I was able to surprise my mom with a lovely new leather purse :)


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