Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Refreshing Summer Drink Recipe Round Up!

Wild Flowers I've Snapped This Season
With the warmer weather now here to stay, I find myself spending endless hours outdoors daydreaming, hiking, enjoying the colourful wildflowers, and local wildlife.  It is now more than ever, that I appreciate the simple and beautiful things that life has to offer, and want to drink it in all around me.  There are just some things in life that money cannot buy.  

These glorious days, we eat our meals outdoors: by the lake, on a picnic table by the woods, in the backyard, or on a park bench beside the playground where the kids frolic with friends.  Every beautiful day has become a reason to celebrate outdoors--and to appreciate life to its fullest.

We're always having company over, so the SodaStream Drink Maker is portable enough to set up in the backyard or bring along to our picnics.  It has been widely received by our friends and family, who are delighted to create their own refreshing carbonated beverages.

Take a look at the drinks below, created by Canadian bloggers.  Many of these drinks can be recreated with the SodaStream drink system, and by using tasty ingredients like watermelon, lemons, strawberries, tea, coffee, cream soda, and even birthday cake!
Refreshing Summer Drinks
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Refreshing Summer Drink Round Up
  1. Fizzy Strawberry Lemonade Recipe by Sew Creative Blog
  2. Birthday Cake Cocktail Recipe by Frugal Edmonton Mama Blog
  3. Watermelon Lemonade Recipe by Addicted to Recipes Blog
  4. Iced Tea Recipe by Tales of Mommyhood Blog
  5. Easy Punch Recipe by Little Miss Kate Blog
  6. Italian Cream Soda Recipe by Addicted to Recipes Blog
  7. Watermelon Lemonade Recipe by Just Us Girls Blog
  8. Home Made Iced Capp Recipe by Canadian Mom Reviews Blog
  9. Farmer's Market Lemonade by Frugal Edmonton Mama Blog
  10. Strawberry Lemonade Recipe by Addicted to Recipes Blog
SodaStream Drink Maker:
Portable For On-the-Go Summer Refreshments!
My own summer mix is quite simple: SodaStream carbonated water fused with lemons and lime to quench my thirst!  It always goes great on its own, with a fresh summer salad bursting with mandarins, or a light pita wrap stuffed with veggies and grilled chicken strips! 

With SodaStream, it's easy to customize what goes into every beverage: less or more carbonation--or more or less sweetness. And according to SodaStream, their flavours contain less calories, sugar and carbs than traditional sparkling drinks. 

FUN FACT: Did you know that one SodaStream bottle can replace 2000 bottles and cans?  With almost one billion regular bottles manufactured daily, and 800 million of these ending up in landfills, SodaStream is an environmentally sound choice.

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Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with SodaStream Canada and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. The SodaStream is something we had thought a lot about getting. It sure sounds like it would be a worthwhile investment, especially with the discount! I would love to try all the great recipes shared as well!!

  2. Okay! I need to get one of these Soda Stream now! I love fizzy drinks and I love how many different kinds of drinks you can make.

  3. I'm trying to stick to water lately, but that Italian Cream Soda is calling to me.

  4. I recently tried a Soda Stream for the first time and loved it, Jenna. So many great possibilities for yummy drinks!! Love your round up of summer drinks and can't wait to explore them all. Thank you! Oh yes...and those are beautiful pics of flowers that you have taken :)

  5. I love my SodaStream! It makes such amazing drinks in no time at all!!!

  6. oooo look at all those pretty flowers and summer drinks!

  7. The flowers alone caught my eye! I haven't had ever had a soda stream here. They look fun and I sampled one of their treats at a blogging conference. This is a pin worthy post for sure Jenna. I never think to make fancy drinks _ I am always too busy. But this summer I will be doing more entertaining so these will come in handy!

  8. I need to get me one of these. All those different drink combos sounds so good. One of the first drinks I would make myself would be that homemade ice capp

  9. I have been dying to know how to make tropical drinks with SodaStream-thanks for the tip!

  10. I would love to own one of these machines, since hubby has his Tassimo I could have my Soda Stream, but then I think I need a bigger kitchen with all the small appliances that I would love to own!!

  11. Beautiful pictures and really COOL drinks


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