Saturday, November 29, 2014

(VIDEO) My Son Explodes Lego Bombs!

7 Lego Bombs to Detonate!
What does my 9-year old son do on a lazy Saturday afternoon for kicks?  He builds and explodes Lego bombs of course!  It's an activity that helps him blow off a little steam, and he did clean up the whole basement by himself when he was done!
(VIDEO) Watch my son exploding Lego bombs!  Click image below to start video.
What do your kids or grandkids do to blow off some steam?    


  1. That's creative! My kids blow off steam sometimes in the yard ( I give them ripe vegetables to whip at the tree or the fence and they get rid of anger that way. It feels pretty cathartic!

  2. LOL, that was a hoot! My son loves to play with his Lego, but I am not so sure I want to see it go flying like that! We would never be able to find all of the pieces, LOL. I do love your son's creativity though Jenna.

  3. Ha! That's awesome! My son just recently discovered LEGO and he loves it.

  4. LOL...he must have had so much fun.He is a very clear speaker.

  5. He was happy, cleaned up after himself and you were aware of the experiment beforehand.
    All any parent and guardian needs.

  6. Such a creative young man my grandson loves the video


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