Thursday, November 20, 2014

VIDEO: My Son Shows His Disney Cars Toy Car Collection!

My 5-Year Old Son With His Toy Cars

This past week, I've tried to film my kids playing with their favourite toys or games.  For me, it's a tool to capture them at their current age, so I can always go back and remember them at 4-years old, at 5-years old, and so on.  
Here is another video of my 5-year old son showing his Disney Cars toy car collection.  These are the diecast cars based on the Disney Cars and Cars 2 movies.
(VIDEO) Click image below to play the video!  Family-friendly.
Do you take photos or videos of your kids or grandkids, in order to remember them at various ages and stages?


  1. Very cute video! My son loves his Disney Cars cars too! He really liked watching your video!

  2. Oh gosh, he's too cute! I love the idea of capturing your kids in everyday moments. I need to do more of that!

  3. That is quite the collection! We have 2 cars fans at our house too.

  4. We are dealing with a dual obsession: cars & planes!! We don't own any of the toys... yet.... *ahem* Santa.

  5. awe,he is a handsome boy and he has a great collection


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