Sunday, January 25, 2015

How I've Kept Off 80 lbs - 2 Years Later!

I Weigh Myself About Once Every Month
For the past 2 years I've talked about my health and fitness journey, in which I've lost 80 lbs. After the holidays I veered a bit off course, but I'm doing great again. Because eating well and exercising daily is a lifestyle for me, not a fad diet, I try to implement strategies that I can sustain. And these strategies have worked well for my family and I.

When I first started eating better, I had to find a way to stave off hunger by eating a clever, nutritious snack.  It was important to me that I would "feel" full.  At that time in my journey, I was reaching for drinkable yogurts--but the sugar levels were higher than I wanted.  I now believe that almond milk, or a shake made from almond milk would have been nutritious, made me feel full, and have been a perfect snack.  More about this, later. 

Here are 5 tips that I've employed in order to maintain my weight loss, below.

  1. Exercise daily for at least 1 hour, regardless of the exercise.  Sometimes the easiest exercise for me is a daily walk or walks, but other days it could be swimming, running, or having a workout at the gym.  "Fresh air" exercise invigorates me and clears my head.  The exercise can be broken up in 2 x 30 minute intervals, if my schedule is a bit tight.
  2. No junk food, fast food and minimal processed food.  This speaks for itself, although I allow myself a daily "purse" of 100-120 calories if I need to snack.  I also don't keep "temptation" food in the household, or I have a hard time controlling myself.

  3. No overeating and always moderate food portions.  This speaks for itself.

  4. Make the BEST food choices at each and every meal.  In order to make the best food choices at meals, I often add a green salad or fruit to boost nutrition.  It is also great for digestion.

  5. Don't participate in "food-centric" activities - I try to decline activities where eating will be the main event, such as buffets, or family get-togethers centred around the dinner table.  I'll jump at the opportunity to attend events that allow my family to stay active, though.
My Shake Made With Almond Milk & Berries
As part of a healthy lifestyle, why not try Almond Breeze almond milk beverage to add nutrition to your day?  I use the unsweetened original or vanilla flavour in shakes, and mix in a serving of fruit.  Unsweetened Almond Breeze only has 30 calories per cup, which is fantastic!  I also find that fruit shakes made with almond milk are very filling, and help suppress my appetite so I don't feel as hungry.  

My kids also love the slightly nutty flavour, and make shakes with their own favourite fruits.  I am over the moon that Almond Breeze contains vitamin A (10%), calcium (30%), vitamin D (45%), vitamin E (10%), riboflavin (25%), vitamin B12 (50%), and zinc (15% daily recommended value).  It's also lactose-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free!     

Did you know that Almond Breeze is now "cooler", with a new refrigerated product available in the same great flavours?  New refrigerated offerings include Original (and Unsweetened Original), and Vanilla (and Unsweetened Vanilla).  Almond Breeze beverages are available in both refrigerated and shelf stable sections at your local grocer.   

Do you have any health, fitness or nutrition goals for 2015--or would you like to?  Have you ever tried Almond Breeze beverage, or enjoyed it in a shake?


  1. Congrats Jenna, you are a true inspiration! I am going to try to take these tips to heart myself.

  2. Your tips are great and very sensible! I loooove Almond Breeze.I have a dairy allergy so for me it's a perfect alternative. I love that it has so much calcium in it too which helps me get my daily requirements without having to eat dairy.

    I make a nutrition shake every morning with one cup of Almond Breeze and combined I get 80% of my calcium for the day. I'm so thankful for such a great alternative to cow's dairy.

  3. I have to say my daughter came home from university saying how much she loved almond milk. This surprises me because she usually avoids almonds. We are giving it a try now :)

  4. Wow! You are doing a great job. These are great tips. Personally, I really need to get up and moving more.

  5. You are doing such a great job Jenna! So inspiring!

  6. Thanks I have started my own journey to lose 50 lbs this year.I love reading your post about weight

  7. Losing weight is hard, but I think that keeping it off is harder because it's a lifelong process. Congratulations!

  8. Thanks for sharing. Love to hear success stories. Losing weight is a struggle for most people me included.

  9. I think for me the trickiest thing to avoid which sabotages me frequently is the family get togethers that center around food. Food and get togethers seem to go hand in hand for my family. Any suggestions how to continue to enjoy my family without hanging around the snack's all so yummy!!!

    1. Depending on my willpower that day, I either try to eat before going to the event--or portion myself out so I don't go crazy with all the food!

  10. You are a true inspiration! I need to believe in myself that I can do it,its a difficult road.

  11. I think it's marvellous that you lost 80 lbs and have managed to keep it off too. Well done, you deserve a medal :-)

  12. Meanwhile my goal here is to gain some weight. Of course mostly muscle weight, hopefully.


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