Tuesday, April 21, 2015

(VIDEO) Bank of Montreal Performs Kind Deed for Shop Owner

There has been a wonderful movement in recent years, in which large companies go to great lengths to reward customer loyalty.  Frankly, I love watching the viral videos from companies like Lincoln Canada, Westjet, Telus and others who plan a great surprise for their valued customer.  Such videos give me goosebumps and leave me with a "feel good" sensation.  Okay, some even elicit a tear or two.

Watch the above video called "Arash's Day Off" from Bank of Montreal, who performs a kind deed for a sandwich shop owner Arash through their "Help Given" campaign.  The goal of which has been to demonstrate the bank's commitment they have to their customers, and that they're "there to help".  Frankly, I'd love to be the recipient of such a kind gesture!
Tears of Appreciation
Look at Arash's tears of appreciation, and how the BMO employee cries with him (in the video above).

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What do you think of these recent viral customer appreciation videos?  Which is your favourite video?  What do you think of BMO's customer appreciation gesture?


  1. What a great act of kindness!! I love the bank of Montreal!

  2. Wow. That was a really amazing thing for them to do. Way to go BMO!

  3. I love seeing acts of kindness like this! What a great thing to do for the community!

  4. I love seeing videos like these. They warm up my heart

  5. Lovely video,I love to see an act of kindness

  6. The world would be should a more wonderful place if everyone could do more acts of kindness

  7. I think it's great that companies are doing kind deeds. It is good publicity and deserving people are recognized for their hard work


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