Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dressing for Spring in Changeable Weather - With Columbia Sportswear

A Day By the Lake
Spring in Canada is tricky business, and it's difficult to predict what kind of weather to expect. On some days, half of my kids will be wearing winter jackets, while the other half are wearing raincoats. Some could be wearing long pants, while the others are wearing shorts. And always it seems, one is wearing winter boots, another rainboots, a few wearing sneakers, and one in crocs. Oh, and throw in the odd pair of gloves, sunglasses, a neckwarmer, and a sun hat--and this is how we dress for Canada's confusing spring weather!
Lake Ontario, Toronto
By the afternoon, the weather tends to warm up, but it could quickly turn windy or wet.  That's why I never leave the house without a jacket in the months of April or May.  Columbia Sportswear makes the EvaPOURation Jacket, which is a light-weight, no-nonsense raincoat.  Yes, it has a hood, with is a prerequisite for any jacket I own for Canadian living.  I love that there are zippers beneath the under arms, for quick ventilation.  This is perfect for cool days, when the sun decides to peek out.  It's also great for running on a rainy day.
Columbia Sportswear EvaPOURation Jacket
I do a lot of walking and hiking in the spring.  I love to see the new life blooming all around me, and it's uplifting to the soul.  I recently tried out Columbia Sportswear's Conspiracy Razor OutDry shoes in red hibiscus/coral glow.  The colour of the shoes really caught my attention, and once I put them on, I noticed that they really gripped like suction cups.  Such a sole is important to prevent slipping--if the ground is moist or loose--and also the hallmark of a great pair of hiking or trail shoes.  Although a nice shoe, the fit was not for me: a wide, rounded toe that seemed disproportionate to a more narrow shoe.  Maybe the fit will work for you?

Columbia Sportswear Conspiracy Razor OutDry Shoes
What is spring weather like where you live, and how do you dress for it?  If you're in Canada, how do you manage our ever-changing weather?


  1. Love those shoes!! We have so many fantastic pieces from Columbia for myself and the boys. Love that they offer plus sizes too.

  2. Yes! Spring can be so tricky. I already have a great raincoat that I invested in a while back. But those shoes! I LOVE those shoes! I am going to hunt those down I think ...

  3. You look fantastic,love the runners

  4. I love Columbia clothing! That jacket and shoes is perfect. I'm going away on a west coast adventure in June, I think I need exactly those pieces!

  5. I love that jacket- sounds perfect for the changing weather we're having! I need a spring coat with a hood :)

  6. I love spring a lot, the weather is just right! Not too hot and not too cold.

  7. The same could be said about autumn too! I just layer like crazy (shirt, hoodie, jacket) and hope for the best!

  8. I can't wait for Spring to arrive....time to shop for new runners


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