Thursday, December 10, 2015

Check This TOYLESS Holiday Gift Idea!

What's In the Box?
The Toy of the Moment OR an Education...You Decide
There is a time in every parenting journey, in which a frazzled mom and overwhelmed dad collectively cry: “No more toys!”  This cry is usually heard at 3:00am, after a sharp piece of Lego has harpooned a parent in the tender tootsie, which in turn sets off all the electronic toys to fire lasers, bark, and drive around in the room like a booby trap.  With five children, ages 5- to 10-years old, I’ve often been fed up with all the toys, especially when they lay discarded in a corner.
With the holidays top-of-mind, is there a polite way to ask for a gift that isn’t a toy?  I believe that there is a way, especially for close family relations, and for family friends that inquire what to gift.  And with such a segue, I believe it would be appropriate to ask for an RESP contribution in lieu of a gift.  It’s actually quite easy for both the recipient and gift giver.
RESP Fund Collection Is Easy This Season With Heritage's eGifting Program!
Recently, Heritage Education Funds introduced the RESP eGifting program (a Canadian first), which is powered by FundRazr, Canada’s leading crowdfunding platform .  Through this simple approach, family and friends anywhere can help grow a child’s Heritage Registered Education Savings Plan, and parents electronically collect the funds.  Some fees apply, so do familiarize yourself with FundRazr's rate structure.  
Not only is it a safe and secure way to contribute a financial gift, but the gift is conveniently applied directly to a Heritage RESP.  And in terms of privacy, parents have full control over who receives the gift-giving link.  For peace of mind, do note that Heritage Education Funds have been in business for 50 years.  
Sound like a good alternative to toys this year for the holidays?  Here’s more information about the Heritage eGifting program!

What gifts are your kids hoping to receive this year for the holidays?  What gifts would you rather that they receive, instead of what’s on their wishlist?


  1. We have so much "stuff" our kids don't need more toys. We often suggest a contribution to their RESP instead of toys for them.

  2. Yes! I have asked for non toys gifts from family. I would rather they give them money in their RESPs. It is a gift that will go so much further and they will appreciate much later in life. Love that Heritage Funds makes this so easy for gifting!

  3. I love this idea. I know when my children were younger they would only play with their toys for a short length of time and then grow tired of them. This year we are investing in experiences more than items.

  4. I adore this! We have far too many THINGS in the house these days...investing is always worthwhile

  5. I love this gift idea so much. My son has too many toys that are wasteful, this is great for his future.


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