Friday, January 08, 2016

Taste Test: Would YOU Guess This Is Cottage Cheese?

Taste Test: Will He Guess Correctly What He's Sampling?
My kids were super excited when I told them I needed to do a "blindfolded" food taste test, and that I needed a volunteer.  My oldest son was first on the scene with a spoon in his hand.  He did not know what he would be sampling, and would have to use his tastebuds to figure out what he was eating.  Watch the video of the taste test below.

Little did my son know he would be sampling a cottage cheese that would taste completely unlike any cottage cheese that he had ever tasted.  Needless to say, my son did not correctly guess what he was eating.  He mistook Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese (salted caramel flavour) as vanilla yogurt (which he enjoys quite a bit).

My entire family tried the ultra smooth cottage cheese, and all family members mistook it for a very rich, Greek-style vanilla yogurt.  I sampled the cottage cheese too, and never would have guessed it was indeed cottage cheese; the smooth texture and sweetness fooled me.  I'm a cottage cheese fan, and I have to say that the Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese is very unlike cottage cheese and will fool you too.
Nordica Smooth 100g Cup Servings Are Great to Grab and Go
Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese is available in the following flavoursVanilla Bean, Salted Caramel and Lemon. Note: this product is only available in Ontario at most major grocery stores.

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