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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Running With Kids: Sharing the Love of the Run - Featuring Montrail & Columbia Sportswear

After a 3 km Run With My Running Partners: 9- and 7-Years Old!
A short while ago I wrote about running and overcoming the monster in my mind. On numerous occasions I have also written about my health and fitness journey, and how I have lost 80 lbs and kept it off--now for almost 2.5 years.  My ideology has always been to incorporate my family into my healthy lifestyle, and ensure that everyone is eating nutritiously, exercising regularly, and receiving the personal support that each family member deserves.

My 9-year old son and I run regularly together as a team.  I taught him how to keep a steady running pace, conserve his energy so he can make it to the "finish line", know his running position relative to me (so we don't trip over one another), talk less during runs, and to know that--above all--he can do it!  He has succeeded in each and every of these counts spectacularly.    

I had also done some running with my then 6-year old son, who is now 7-years old.  He is a super-fast runner, but has not yet learned how to pace himself, conserve energy, and run in formation with other runners.  I am in the process of teaching him distance running, starting at 3km.
Ready to Run!
Shown: Columbia Sportswear's Trail Crush Sporty Hoodie & Trail Bound Capri Tight 
This past weekend I threw caution to the wind, and decided to take both my 9- and 7-year old boys on a run.  Adding my younger son to the mix, I knew there would be kinks to iron out--but that it would be worth it.  One such kink included a brotherly quarrel, as my younger son repeatedly broke formation and infringed on my oldest son's running territory.  To smooth things over, we simply reminded the younger son of his designated running area.  This will take some practise.  

It was also a challenge to keep my younger son running, when he would tire and suddenly fall back several metres.  To remedy the situation, my older son and I would jog on the spot until my younger son caught up with us, and encouraged him on with positive sentiments.  We even let him overtake us, so he would feel like the pack leader.
Trying Out Montrail Fluid Feel III Runners
Also Shown: Columbia Sportswear's PFG Zero Women's Short Sleeve Shirt  
It is always at the end of the run that I have to strongly encourage my boys forward, tell them that they can do it!, and that the "finish line" is so near.  Last weekend was no exception, and at the end of the 3 kilometre run, my younger son was especially tired, although the "finish line" was yet so near.  I call this point in the "race" our "victory lap", because the end (and success) is so close that you can feel it.  

I had my oldest son run ahead of us, and then focused on making my younger son's run successful.  I shared with him some of the rhymes I say to myself to encourage myself onwards: 

"Home home, going home.  Home home, almost home.  Home home, we are home."  

He repeated them, and the same rhyming system seemed to put him back on track.    

As we neared our home, we joined hands and finished the remaining distance together.  The physical contact--a mother's hand extended to his--seemed to really help him and encourage him on, and I'm proud to say that all three of us successfully completed the 3 km run together!
Montrail Fluid Feel III Running Shoes in Clear Blue, Cool Grey Colour
What I Wore During The Run
This was my first run ever in which I tried out Montrail Fluid Feel III running shoes in "Clear Blue, Cool Grey" colour, and I was very impressed!  My first impression was that the heels seemed to be filled with some kind of squishy gel, and my feet felt marvellously cushioned.  Although the shoes did not come in a half sizes, I chose a half size up and the fit was great.  The shoes were instantly comfortable for me (no chaffing, blisters, etc), and there was no "wear-in" period, in which I had to break in the runners.  Also, maybe silly to say, but the laces did not untie.  As a runner who does not like to stop and break pace, this was a big plus for me.  My feet were very comfortable during the run, as well as afterwards during the recovery period.  

I ran all of last summer in Columbia Sportswear's Zero Rules short sleeve shirts, and absolutely loved them!  To try something new this year, I wore the PFG Zero Women's Short Sleeve Shirt in white, which was soft to the touch.  It's a tech shirt with sweat-activated cooling, which I really enjoyed, as I despise getting hot (see my beat red face in the very top photo)!  I found the ruched sleeve very flattering, and the fit to be a bit generous and flowing, which wasn't a big deal.  Mark my words, I plan on adding more PFG Zero short sleeve shirts to my active wear wardrobe in different colours!

Columbia's Women's Trail Bound Capri Tight in black was also a winner, which offered a lot of support.  I liked the thick band around the waist, which sits flat over the tummy and does not dig or rub.  I liked that the pant featured a cropped length, which helped me from overheating.  This is definitely a great essential piece for any athletic wardrobe.    

For warm up/cool down, I had the Women's Trail Crush Sporty Hoodie in groovy pink.  Impressive to me, is that it's UPF 30 and protects from harmful UV rays.  I did find the fabric a little bit flowing on me, even with an under layer, but I have no complaints.  Better a little roomy then too tight, I say.

Do you mentor your kids or grand kids in sports, music, or other life lessons?  Do you remember a mentor that was important to you as a child, or encouragement that you received that pushed you forward?
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