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Sunday, October 26, 2014

My 21 Months of Health & Fitness Update!

AFTER: 135 lbs - 80 Pounds Lighter!
(July 2014)
It's hard to believe that over 21 months has passed already, since I first pledged that my family and I would exercise daily and eat in a nutritious fashion.  Here is the first blog post I wrote about family health and fitness.  It was January 1st, 2013 when I had made that New Year's resolution, and I've not veered from that path since.  The result has been looking and feeling better, maintaining a healthy weight, and feeling pride in my accomplishment.  Yes, my children and husband have also been along for this fantastic journey, and they're all doing great too!

To date, I've maintained a weightloss of 80 lbs (was: 215 lbs, now: 135 lbs), maintained a 4-5 size loss (was: size 14, now: size 4-6), and I'm back to my old highschool size.  And this achievement comes from a mother of 5 young children with back-to-back pregnancies, so if I did it, so can you!  Oh, and did I mention that I embarked on my journey in my early 40s?

My approach has been simple: 1+ hour of exercise daily, regardless of which kind, regardless of the weather.  Moderation in food portion, cutting out all fast foods, making better choices at each and every meal, and extreme caution in regards to junk food.
BEFORE: 215 lbs
(December 2012)
Above is a photo of myself at 215lbs, my very heaviest.  It's hard to explain, but when I look at photos of my former self it's still hard for me to notice the extra 80 lbs somehow--I just was so used to my old body image.  It's strange how the extra pounds just sneak up on you, and they just go unnoticed.

Have you ever struggled with a weakness, like weight loss?  Did you ever overcome it, and were you successful?  
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