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Friday, April 18, 2014

My Reflections on 2 Years of Blogging, PromoSimple & CONTEST! (Worldwide)

Happy Belated 2nd Anniversary to SnyMed.com!
Celebrating With 2 Great Ford Mustangs #FordMustang50!
It's been so busy here on the blog, that I never stopped to celebrate SnyMed.com's 2nd anniversary in January!  Well, Happy belated Anniversary to us!  I originally started SnyMed to create a fun place where readers could kick back and have a good time--in a family-friendly setting.  I knew that I'd be talking about family life with my 5 young kids, brands that I love, entertainment, travel, life in Canada, and more.  Without doubt, I knew that I'd be running fantastic contests for readers, as I love to "give" and pass joy on whenever I can.

Did you know that in this 27-month period, SnyMed.com has run over 155 contests and given away over 551 prizes to loyal readers?!  During that timeframe I've given away a laptop and printer; Kobo e-readers; a child's tablet; lots of blurays and DVDs; tickets to advance movie screenings, theatrical events and other special occasions; books; tasty snack packs; subscriptions; a playhouse; free product coupons for popular food items; a kid's costume; a stroller, carseat and base travel system; gift cards; awesome clothing; kids toys, great prize packs and more!  Phew!

On the topic of contests, I want to thank PromoSimple, the contest entry form people.  They work hard behind the scenes for every contest that you enter here on SnyMed.com, and I think it's important to give praise where praise is due! 

Prior to PromoSimple, I was having problems with the contest entry form that I was using.  Specifically, the entry form would come unanchored and "fly around" my website, often blocking my written content in the process!  Unfortunately, the support team behind my previous contest entry software looked into my issue and could not fix the problem or even isolate it.  The previous entry form was also unreliable and would often be down, causing frustration for both my contestants and I.      

I started using PromoSimple on a recommendation in October 2012.  I needed a reliable solution for my contests, and one that would be free.  (You may notice that I am not tied into an ad network, and hence generate no blog revenue from ads.)  I liked that Promo Simple was very easy to use,  easy to customize, and quick to put together a new contest.  My readers began to e-mail and message me on social media, saying that they liked the new PromoSimple contest entry form much more than the previous format. 
The Outstanding PromoSimple Team
What differentiates PromoSimple from the previous company that I used, is their quick and efficient client service.  Whenever I've had a question or concern with the entry form, I've e-mailed them and received a very prompt reply.  They have also been responsive to my contestants' needs, looking into individual concerns with great care--and never stopping until the issue has been solved.  It's at this point I say thank you to Dan from PromoSimple, who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me and my readers!     

Some interesting facts about SnyMed.com on PromoSimple: I've run 122 contests with them, received 430,000 entries submitted through them, and have recorded about 10,000 unique entrants in my contests!  WOW!  I draw all of my winners randomly, using either the built-in Random.org or PromoSimple contest winner randomizer.  

For bloggers, webmasters or companies looking to run their own contests, I would definitely recommend PromoSimple!  Once you set up your first contest, it's easy to reuse common elements in future contests--without having to recreate the entire form from scratch.  

Set contest start and end dates--and times; leverage the power of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram; add your own image; change the entry form's colour; encourage fans to subscribe to your newsletter--or RSS feed, and more.  Use the control panel to oversee your campaign's success and run reports.  You will be able to see how much social media amplification was generated from your contest alone (ie: number of Facebook and Twitter likes, Twitter retweets, etc).  

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WIN an Amazon.com or Amazon.ca $25 Prize!
CONTEST (Worldwide)
WIN a $25 Amazon.com (or Amazon.ca) gift card from SnyMed.com and PromoSimple!  Contest open to Canada, USA and...worldwide!  Winner will have his or her choice of an Amazon.com or Amazon.ca e-mailed gift card code.  Contest ends Wednesday June 18th, 2014.

How to Enter:
Leave a COMMENT below stating what you like the best about the PromoSimple contest entry form (entry form is below to try) OR state how companies can make contest entry easier for you.  Then, use the PromoSimple entry form below to enter.  GOOD LUCK! 

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