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Monsters University Movie Review!

Monsters University Opens in Theatres June 21st, 2013 in 3D!
Monsters University is Disney-Pixar's highly anticipated sequel--or more accurately prequel--to their 2001 blockbuster Monsters Inc!  Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal) and James P. Sullivan, “Sulley” (voiced by John Goodman) both reprise their roles in Monsters University, which is ear candy for the audience!  Monsters University follows the early lives of Mike Wazowski and Sulley, and chronicles the path that each takes to become professional scarers.

Monsters University Synopsis:Mike Wazowski decides to become a scarer during a school field trip to the "scare floor", whilst Sulley is born into the role because his dad is a scaring legend.  Frightened screams from children power the monster world, so it is a worthwhile vocation!  All the way through public school and high school, Mike studies hard so he can attend Monsters University, whereas Sulley depends on his inborn  monster talent.  It is fate that Mike and Sulley will meet, but it is not the meeting that one would expect of (future) best friends.
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It is a semester of non-stop studies for Mike, but he seems to only grasp scaring theoretically, and has a hard time putting scaring into practise.  The truth is, Mike just isn't scary.  Nonetheless, he works relentlessly toward his final exams.  On the other hand, Sulley is genuinely scary, but he is getting poor marks in school.   And although Sulley is scary, he is a "one trick pony" in the scare repertoire department.  

The day of final exams arrives, and Mike and Sulley wager who will do better.  Their rivalry is just too heated, and they accidentally break open Dean Hardscrabble's (voiced by Helen Mirren) scream cannister that houses the biggest scream she ever collected in her career.  Reduced to anger, the Dean gives Mike and Sulley their final the exams on the spot, and expels them from the scaring programme when they fail to perform as expected.    

Mike and Sulley are in a state of disbelief about being expelled, but Mike thinks up a plan to get back into the scaring programme.  The Greek Council is holding scare games to see which fraternity or sorority is the scariest, and Mike convinces Dean Hardscrabble to let him back into the scaring programme--IF he can win the scare games!
The Oozma Kappa (OK) Fraternity!
Can They Win the Scare Games?
Mike pairs up with fraternity Oozma Kappa (OK), a group of monster misfits, but they are missing a team member and may have to back out.  But, when Sulley steps up to the plate to pledge OK, Mike's ego is hard-pressed to allow him to join.  At the last minute, Mike agrees to work with Sulley, but can they work as a team to take the scariest frat title?

Oozma Kappa (OK) introduces brand new monsters like Terri and Terry Perry (voiced by Sean Hayes and Dave Foley), Scott "Squishy" Squibbles (Peter Sohn), Art (Charlie Day), and Don Carlton (Joel Murray).  OK's biggest rivals are Roar Omega Roar (ROR), but the 3-eyed pink ladies from Python Nu Kappa sorority (PNK) are fierce competition too!  For Randall fans, (Steve Buscemi) returns to Monsters University!
I don't want to spoil some of the greatest scenes in the movie, so I'll stop right here!  What I can say about Monsters University, is that I liked it just as much as Monsters Inc, maybe even better!  The movie was hysterical (for adults and kids alike), beautifully animated, voiced by some of the best talent in the industry, fast-paced, featured brand new monsters, looked great in 3D, and had a beautiful storyline.  The comedic timing between Billy Crystal and John Goodman could not have been better, as they recorded their lines in the same room together!  

As is always the case with Disney-Pixar films, Monsters University was heart-warming and had important life lessons.  One lesson was about the importance of teamwork, and another about being yourself and letting your own special talents shine, no matter what they are.  And one message that really rings through, is that with hard work and determination, you can be whoever you want to be--as long as you set you mind to it.
Monsters University Opens in Theatres Today (June 21st)!
I highly recommend that you take your family to see Monsters University!  We took our 5 kids, aged 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8-years old--and each sat through all 107 minutes of it.  My husband and I also enjoyed good laughs, and I was definitely on the edge of my seat during the scare games!

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Are you going to see Monsters University movie with your kids or grandkids?  Have you seen Monsters Inc. before?


  1. thanks for the review. My oldest is super excited to see it - I think it will be a family movie, making it my YDS first one at the theater!

  2. We loved Monsters Inc and are going to MU this afternoon!

  3. we love Monsters Inc, my little guy just watched the clip over my shoulder and guess what he wants to watch now? lol

  4. I'm so excited to take the little ones to see this! We plan on going next Friday since next Thursday is the last day of school.

  5. So jealous you had this opportunity! I an definitely taking the kiddos to see this...partially because I wanna see it too ;) shh don't tell!!

  6. I thought this movie was awesome! Kaelyn on the other hand was petrifiied of the school head woman, so we were forced to turn it off :(


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