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Stonz Now Makes Winter Boots for Kids 1- to 14-Years!

Stonz Now Makes Winter Boots for Kids 1 to 14-Years Old!
Earlier this year, I shared that Stonz now sells rainboots.  This was a happy revelation for me, as I had trusted Stonz for my toddler's winter booties and "mittz", as Stonz calls it.  Now when I heard that Stonz makes youth boots, I was very excited on many levels.  

Firstly, Stonz is a Canadian company and I think that you have to suffer our extreme winters in order properly design winter wear for our children.  Secondly, the boots are rated to withstand temperatures of -50C/-58F, and with our local temperatures sometimes reaching -35C with windchill we should be covered!  Lastly, the "Bootz" as Stonz calls it, come in sizes toddler 5 to youth 7 (suitable for boys and girls ages 1-year old to 14-years old)!  This means that older children can now enjoy Stonz products!
My Son's Last Year Winter Boots Have Holes in Them!
As part of my pre-winter ritual, I take stock of what fits the kids from the previous year (jackets, snowpants, hats, scarves, mittens, and boots).  In the case of my middle child, I discovered that he had holes right in the soles of his winter boots!  These were not the kind of holes that you could ignore, as you could actually see the flannel "sock" layer that's meant to keep the feet warm.  It was there and then decided that my son's next pair of winter boots would be Stonz!  I ordered the grey/black colour boots from Stonz, $54.99 CDN (infant) to $63.99 CDN (youth).
A Close Look at Stonz Winter Bootz
When the Stonz Bootz arrived, I was very surprised by how lightweight they were.  In fact, they were about one-third the weight of my son's previous boots, making walking easier (my son will walk to school this winter).  I was impressed by the features that the Stonz boots offered: a pull toggle to keep snow out of  the boot, a velcro tab to open the boot's mouth wide and allow easy kid foot access, and a buckle to secure the boot to the child's foot to avoid bare foot pop-out-itis.  

I noticed that the sock liner was soft inside, and had a silver foil material on the outside to keep the heat in.  When my son removed his foot from the boot, I was delighted that the sock liner did not slip out (which can be a nightmare to put back in)!
Don't Forget Your Stonz Mittens With Your Order!
My shipment from Stonz would not have been complete without a pair of their Stonz Mittz in black, $39.99 CDN.  I ordered size 4-8 years old, shown above, which my 8-year old said were roomy.  I love how high up the arm they climb, to protect from the dreaded snow-up-the-sleeve!

Just like their infant mittens, the Stonz Mittz feature 2 toggle closures: one at the wrist, and one at the end of the mitt to keep the snow out.  The toggles also prevent mitten-slip-off-itis!  The Stonz Mittz are rated as water- and wind-resistant, which I would love to see rated waterproof in generations to come (as my kids enjoy making soggy snowballs).  The Stonz Mittz are the warmest mittens that my kids currently own, though.

I would highly recommend Stonz products for your infant, baby, child, or older child!

Visit the Stonz website to browse their products, or to purchase the products mentioned in this blog post!

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How do YOU keep warm in the winter?  Does your child or grandchild own warm winter boots and mittens?


  1. I try to make sure that my son is bundled up nice and warm! Winter in Manitoba gets FREEZING cold! LOL

  2. These are awesome! I love that they are lightweight and warm. I'm going to their site to look at them now!!!

  3. Awesome! Love Stonz! Really great quality boots!

  4. Those are some great looking boots! I bought some of the original wee Stonz boots for my grandkids and I'm glad to see they are making boots for bigger kidlets!

    Anne Taylor

  5. Those boots look great! I love how thick the souls are!! Perfect for keeping the wetness out!!

  6. These look awesome! I've always wanted to try Stonz booties. I never knew they made REAL boots! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh, we're going to need those mittens. I love high quality mittens that don't leave those little freezing wrists susceptible to the cold.

  8. I've been looking for boots are are rated for really cold weather. My son needs them for standing at the school bus stop during our bitterly cold winters. Thanks for introducing me to Stonz. The mittens sound awesome too!

  9. All this is good info. My son is only 6.5 months old, so next winter when he will be ready to go out and play in the snow, I now know where I should start looking to get him ready!!!

  10. we keep warm by wearing layers , lots of layers! LOL, Ive also notivced on their fb page they are having a giveaway. So may yet be able to try those boots out!

  11. I have heard great things about these boots. We keep warm with a thick down jacket and mitts. Trying to get my kids to wear hats is a struggle, but they know if they want to play outside, they need to wear them.

  12. These look great and look like they could hold up - will look into these for my 2 boys

  13. lightweight and warm,and they look great

  14. these sure look warm and cozy


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