Monday, August 24, 2015

The Birthday Paradox - 50% Chance 2 people Share Same Birthday in Group of 23 People!

Flashback: My Son Celebrating His 2nd Birthday!
I've been fascinated by "The Birthday Paradox" for as long as I can remember.  Simply explained, when 23 people are together, there is a 50% chance that 2 people will share the same birthday!  Considering that there are 365 possible birthdays (366 with February 29th), this is a mind-blowing probability.  (Yes, there is an actual mathematical equation backing this up.)  

As practical applications go, both my own mother and father share the same birthday (with different birth years).  Needless to say, my mom initially thought it a ruse when my dad stated that they shared the same birthday.  There is a 1 in 365 chance of this occurring!

Have you seen this fantastic birthday video, by Enbridge?  I thought it was very cleverly done, with 100 people, ages 1 to 100, each blowing out the candles on a unique birthday cake! Watch below!

Enbridge is celebrating over 165 years in Ontario, and is a trusted source of natural gas delivery.  It's easy to take for granted something as seamless as energy, but can you imagine baking a birthday cake in a wood-burning stove?

According to a survey, 80% of Canadians agree that with life getting more complicated, it’s even more important to celebrate life’s simple moments, like a birthday.  I'm inclined to agree, as we put on a special birthday party for each of our 5 kids every year.  Not only do the kids love it, but the joy extends to our family and friends who also enjoy the celebration.  

What is your happiest birthday memory ever?  Have you watched the Enbridge "100 Birthdays" video yet?


  1. Nice video! I've never met anyone yet that has the same birthday as me. Would be nice to though and see if they are anything like me according to horoscopes and astrological sign descriptions lol. My happiest birthday moment ever would be my son's reaction to everyone singing him happy birthday on his first birthday. Priceless!

  2. I'm a twin, so I'm used to sharing a birthday... :) though I was more excited a few years ago to find out that a couple mutual friends also shared my birthday, so we threw a party together. That's is a strange paradox. And a cute video. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have yet to find someone who shares my birthdate. In high school I had a best friend whose birthday was the day before mine and an ex whose birthday was also the day before mine but that the closest I've come.

  4. What an interesting concept and it makes total sense, really. The happiest birthday memory for me, recently, was just in February of this year when we celebrated both of kiddos b-days in Disney World. They are six years and two days apart so it was magical :-)

  5. Crazy! How cool that your parents have the same birthday. I've always thought it was fun to meet someone who shared the same birthday as me. I love celebrating my son's birthday -- which inspired me to start my blog!

  6. awesome ... love the video to cute :) Treen Goodwin rafflecopter name :)

  7. My niece has same birthday as me.


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